Have you ever wondered why some business owners have more success than others? Is the reason for their success their brilliance, strategic vision or just luck? If you want to start seeing better results and reach your goals, there is one simple mindset strategy that works better than any marketing plan.

The key to success is to close the mindset gap between what you want your business to become and what you believe is possible.

Many entrepreneurs approach their business like a medical doctor diagnoses a person's state of health. You look at the external symptoms with KPI's and try to make the best decisions to move the company forward. Just like a doctor who rarely takes into account the patient's mindset and focuses only on the physical symptoms. As a leader you must recognize that your business is not a separate entity, just like your body, it is a reflection of your state of mind.

One common complaint I hear from business owners is that they cannot find clients who will pay. The feedback they are receiving from prospects are that they do not have the money, time or interest to invest in their offering. They try to fix external symptoms to get different prospects through better branding, a new website or fancy graphics on social media, but they are addressing the wrong problem. They will still continue to spend thousands of dollars on marketing without working on their mindset.

Look at your current business results and you can see exactly how your mind is viewing its potential. The reason your company is struggling is that you are diagnosing the problem as being in the mechanisms or marketing of the company instead of addressing your mindset. If you are not seeing the results in your business you desire, there is a gap between what you want and what you believe is possible in your business. If you keep getting the feedback from prospects that they do not have any money or that your prices are too high, you must believe that clients who can pay your fees are hard to find.

When I was first starting out my coaching business I was charging $100 per hour for my sessions because that is what I thought I could get. Anytime I tried to increase my fees, I would receive feedback from prospects that my pricing was too high and then I would reduce them back to where I felt people would pay. What I did not realize at the time was that the market was not dictating my pricing, I was.

When I changed my pricing to match what I wanted it was a big stretch. Not only did I raise my prices tenfold, but also increased my minimum contract length from session to session to one year. I had to work with my mind to close the gap between what I wanted and what I thought I could have. Instead of buckling and going back to my old pricing when I got rejections, I stood strong in my belief that my ideal clients were out there.

As I closed the gap in my mind, I did not have to change any marketing or increase my ad spend, I started to see out there what matched my vision instead of my fears. I went from overworking with $100 per hour clients fixing symptoms to working with less people in a deeper, long-term process. The company's revenue increased five fold simply by closing the mind gap.

To close your mind gap following these simple steps:

  1. Clarity. Be clear on your vision of what you want, how much revenue you want and how much you want to work for it.
  2. Envision. Visualize every day that your goals are being realized and take action as if it was certain you will reach them.
  3. Faith. Anytime you get negative feedback or poor results, do not buy into them or let them distort your vision or thinking. Keep believing in your vision in spite of external results.
  4. Receive. Act to receive your vision instead of working for it. Your actions should feel effortless and creative as if you are playing a game, not a terrible struggle to make ends meet.
  5. Non-Judgment. When you have great results, do not get attached them or feel you are better because circumstances are working in your favor. Practice non-judgment on either success or failure.

Most marketing spending is wasted on the poor mindset of the leader. If you follow these steps you will save so much money and time because your mind will be aligned with what you want. You will feel happier and more in control of your company's destiny. To reach success, you must believe that your vision is inevitable.