When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you are going to be overwhelmed especially when you are wearing many hats in the beginning. Small business owners typically have to learn many new skills just to keep the lights on. Even if your budget does not seem to allow for it, hiring support staff or consultants to take things off of your plate can boost your profits.

For years my company was a one-woman show. I was making a decent profit, but my business was not growing. I was waiting for the revenue to increase before I hired people to support me and this kept me in a vicious cycle of doing everything myself. I took the leap one year and hired two people to join my team. Instead of losing profit because of their salary, the revenue increased five times in six months! I worried about the financial implications of hiring staff, but it was the best thing I ever did.

Here are three reasons why it is important to hire staff, even when you are not ready.

1. You'll have increased clarity and vision.

Entrepreneurs are typically multi-talented but doing it all can be overwhelming. You cannot do your genius work in a busy state of mind. Details will fall through the cracks and you will be jumping from one project that requires critical thinking to another that requires creative thinking and you will be mediocre at both. Having a good support team can lift your mind out of confusion and allow you to focus on the big picture and direct your company toward your vision.

2. Someone can do it better.

This one hits a nerve. As leaders of the company, we often feel as though we know how to do everything the best way. You have to be honest with yourself and know where your strengths are and the types of projects that you are not good at. By hiring someone who is an expert at a certain task, you will save your own valuable time trying to learn new systems yourself. A big challenge for business owners is to let go and trust.

Beware of your unconscious desire to keep control by hiring the wrong people to help you. You will make bad hires and will be disappointed with consultants from time to time, but if this becomes a pattern, it is probably because you want it that way. Sometimes you have to let go a little and be wiling for the people who work for you to make mistakes as part of the process of running a company.

3. It builds confidence and leadership.

True entrepreneurs never shy away from working hard but allowing yourself to be supported can increase your confidence and trust in others which makes you a great leader. When you do everything yourself, you are taking an opportunity away from someone who can really do that job well. There is something powerful about giving someone else a chance to express their gifts. You will feel so good building a team like a conductor of an orchestra that makes beautiful music rather than jumping around playing all of the instruments yourself.

Hiring staff and consultants is another way to stretch yourself as a business owner. Sometimes it feels like a big risk, especially when you are not experienced in hiring people. You will make mistakes that you can learn from and but you will see a greater reward in the long run.