As an entrepreneur you will inevitably have to deal with someone who ignores you or is to busy to respond. Oftentimes these are the people that we want to talk to most. Overcoming rejection and continuing to pursue a meeting can be hard and uncertain territory for those of us that aren't in sales.

Below you will find two simple techniques that you can use to win over that person who casts you aside and overcome the fear of contacting them without incessantly annoying them.

  1. Remember an idea this person told you in passing and demonstrate to them that you not only listened, but took action because of them. Follow through on their advice and then send them a thank-you note telling them what you did.
  2. Send two follow up emails. In the first email, follow up on a small commitment like writing to someone you spoke about during your initial conversation. In the second email tell them that you followed through on your commitment and wanted to update them and get their advice on what you should do next.

Most people don't have the fortitude to approach someone after they feel they've been ignored. This exercise will change all of that and change the usual dynamic demonstrating both your value and your authentic consideration for their time.

Do you have any other tips for winning over someone that cast you aside? Include them in the comments below.