Let’s face it, this really is the era of you.

You probably already have your own website; surely you have half a dozen social media profiles. Maybe you should have your own holiday too? In fact, if you’re a business owner who has a consumer-facing operation, you definitely should.

The famed shopping holidays--Black Friday and Cyber Monday, among others--are downright mobbed with competitors. And if you can’t afford to tango with Walmart, Target and the like--which for small businesses, that’s effectively a given--you might consider launching your own shopping holiday.

But you can’t just make up a holiday a la Amazon Prime Day, right? Wrong.

That’s the beauty of marketing. Pick a day that resonates somehow with your brand. For instance, if you own a taco eatery, national guacamole day would seem to be a good candidate. Or you might simply choose to beef up sales during your business’ slow season. Either way, commit to it and go about spreading the word.

While Angie Dudley didn’t immediately aim to create National Cake Pop Day on February 1, the holiday would become a no-brainer for the baker. The founder of dessert-recipe site Bakerella.com posted an image of her confection to a popular cupcake enthusiasts’ site on February 1, 2008. From there, people couldn’t get enough. Martha Stewart even invited Dudley on her show to introduce her creation to the masses.

"I'm the one [who] created the craze," Dudley told Inc.com last November. "I wanted to have some meaning behind the day."

If you want to add a little more legitimacy to your special day, head over to NationalDayCalendar.com. The site tracks roughly 1,100 holidays throughout the year. That includes federal holidays and so-called Hallmark Holidays like Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. But you can also purchase your own holiday. You’ll need to make a good case for why you ought to have your own holiday, says Marlo Anderson, the site’s founder. You’ll also be asked to pay $1,500 to $3,500--the fee National Day Calendar charges for issuing a press release and a 13-by-19-inch framed proclamation.

It worked for talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, who recently landed her own national day on January 26, which also happens to be her birthday.