Never one to shy away from offering his two cents, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit fame is set to launch a new podcast that promises to help entrepreneurs work through their toughest startup dilemmas.

Called NYRD Radio, Ohanian's “Office Hours” is a roughly hour-long show due to air each Wednesday. It's split into two segments: The first half will feature an interview with startup-world luminaries like Baratunde Thurston and Carter Cleveland of Artsy. Activist/model Cameron Russell, and former Reddit General Manager Erik Martin, who just announced his departure this week, will also guest star in upcoming episodes. The second half is just Ohanian opposite an entrepreneur in need of some good old-fashioned advice.

Why does he think you’ll tune in?

Not only is Ohanian a successful startup founder who has had a hand not only in Reddit, but also Hipmunk and Breadpig, he’s also a partner at Y Combinator--the elite San Francisco-based, seed-stage accelerator that's backed renowned startups Airbnb and Dropbox, among others. Plus, he’s a pretty personable guy who thinks his advice could resonate for just about any kind of business under the sun.

“I've been lucky,” says Ohanian. “I’ve had firsthand experience with a variety of different endeavors. So I’m just trying to get as much of the useful stuff that I have in my head out and into the open.”

Ohanian first tested out the idea of “Office Hours” on Reddit’s entrepreneur subthread about a year ago. It was an AMA, of sorts, he says. While the premise of Ask Me Anything--a popular question-and-answer series that’s featured everyone from nude maids to hackers to Bill Gates--naturally involves a mix of personal and professional questions, he specifically asked for questions related to starting up. The threads took off. A book deal for Without Their Permission followed shortly thereafter, along with a 150-stop bus tour, which had Ohanian on the road for five months.

Still, he’s the first to admit the AMA platform has flaws--namely, typing. Even for fast typers, the format is limiting. Ohanian adds that it’s also not all that scalable--a perpetual quandary for those in the startup world.

Therein lies the beauty of the podcast, which people can download from Reddit’s startup subthread, iTunes, Sound Cloud, and Stitcher. And though he isn’t giving custom-advice to each and every entrepreneur who tunes in--he’s confident that entrepreneurs of every stripe will get something out of it. After all, one man’s business hurdle is surely another man’s business hurdle.

“My big thing, these days, is to just scale these ideas,” says Ohanian. “That's why I wrote the book. That's why I did the crazy bus tour. That's why I do pretty much all of the projects that I do--it’s to scale these ideas of entrepreneurship and to help founders.”

For a chance to appear on the show, sign up at NYRD Radio.