College isn't just a time of self-discovery; it's also a chance to prove your mettle.

While the founders of Inc.'s 16 top college startups have been coached, corralled, and graded throughout the years, they've never been judged like this before. Here we bring you Inc.'s version of March Madness.

Each week, we'll ask you to pick your favorite college startups, and based on that input we'll narrow the list of 16--first to eight contenders and then to the Final Four. Come early April, a championship round between two final contenders will reveal Inc.'s top college startup of 2014.

In addition to bragging rights, the winning team will get free tickets to Inc.'s 2014 GrowCo conference in Nashville, Tennessee in May. At that event, billionaire investor and well-known Shark Tank judge Mark Cuban will keynote.

Happy judging and tune in next Monday (March 24th) for the results from Round 1.

1st Round Voting