All of the votes have been tallied. After four rounds, and beating out 15 strong collegiate competitors Inc. is pleased to announce the winner of this year's Coolest College Startup tournament, Ava Anderson Non Toxic.

Founded in 2009, by then 15-year-old Ava Anderson, her company offers 11 distinct product lines, which consist of more than 75 products, including home cleansers, cosmetics, and candles. It also has 7,500 "Ava Consultants"--independent business owners who share Ava's message and products--and has grown to $20 million in annual sales.

In addition to lifetime bragging rights, Babson College's Ava Anderson (now 21) wins two tickets to next year’s GrowCo conference. For more on Anderson's rise to the top, check out our interview with the young entrepreneur

2015 Tournament: