The real you has worked hard to build a good reputation at work. By following a few do's and don'ts for Halloween office party etiquette, you can still be fall festive and have a good time without embarrassing yourself.

DO: Consider the Workday 
Find out if your coworkers will be wearing their costumes all day long and take this into consideration when putting your look together. Wear a costume that can comfortably be worn throughout the day with a little modification, or bring a change of clothes if there is a chance you will be called out for a client meeting. If you are heavily made up, it will be difficult to do a quick change.

DON'T: Choose a Distasteful or Racy Costume
When you make that trip to the Halloween store, you will find that many of the adult costumes are provocative or otherwise inappropriate.  For the office Halloween celebration, be sure to pick something out that is G-rated. Steer clear of anything too short, too low, too tight or too revealing. 

DO: Participate
Sure, you may feel a little silly getting dressed up for Halloween as an adult, but it's far better to show that you are a part of the team than to be the only one not wearing a costume. You will definitely stand out - but not in a good way.

DON'T: Forget You Have a Job to Do
Just because you are playing dress-up doesn't mean you can ignore your responsibilities at work. Answer your telephone, check your email and stay focused on your job, before and after the party.

DO: Stay Away From Political Costumes
Particularly in the office where you don't always know where people stand on their political views, including your boss and your clients, stay away from political jabs. Avoid any costume that could be considered controversial or remotely be deemed in poor taste. 

DON'T: Make Others Feel Uncomfortable If They Don't Want to Be Included
When inviting everyone to participate in the fall festivities, make sure you are offering, but not insisting that they participate. It is important to respect everyone's customs and religious views.

DO: Keep Treats Allergy-Free
Before adding peanut butter to your favorite brownie recipe, remember to be courteous to coworkers with food allergies. You want everyone to be able to safely enjoy the snacks. When in doubt, ask.

DON'T: Put out Bloody, Ghoulish or Gruesome Decorations
Clients can be walking in and out of the office. While scary décor may be your favorite way to have some fall fun, you don't want to offend your visitors.

DO: Offer to Be Part of the Planning Committee
This ensures that you have some voice in the direction of the party and party games. This is also a great time to showcase that you're a team player, willing to pitch in for the good of the group. Offer to bring your famous cake pops, help pass out treat bags or clean up after the party.

DON'T: Over-Glitter
Some decorations leave behind unwanted residue and glittery anything is a maintenance nightmare.

DO: Be Respectful of Cultural Differences
Use "seasonal" decorations such as pumpkins and fall leaves rather than witches and skeletons. Decorations can be fun and appropriate for the office.

DON'T: Use Noisy Devices
If an arm comes up from the candy jar every time someone walks by, it will eventually get old and annoying.

DO: Inspire Fall Holiday Team Spirit
Encourage coworkers to decorate the lunch room or their office space with a few fun props or pictures from previous Halloween events. Bring in a few seasonal treats throughout the month.

DON'T: Leave Decorations up After the Holiday
Once Halloween is over, pull down the decorations until next year.

When it comes to Halloween office parties, if you know your corporate culture you can stay festive without stepping over the line. By carefully planning, you can include everyone without offending anyone.