Robin Fisher Roffer, founder and CEO of Big Fish Marketing, and four-time author, is a branding and reinvention specialist on a mission to empower others to better their careers and improve their lives through fearless and authentic action. 

She believes the key to success is found in learning to trust your intuition as you move confidently and strategically forward. Her expertise has launched and evolved media brands all over the world including A&E, CNN, Food Network, Discovery, and Hallmark, to name only a few. 

Here are Roffer's thoughts on how to operate at your highest potential. 

1. Listen to your intuition, not your fears.  

If we allow it, self-doubt has a way of creeping in and crippling our momentum: "When we have an instinct, (not to be confused with a reaction), it comes from deep within, and we should trust that instinct."

She goes on to say that categorically, almost every time we make a serious mistake, it is because we didn't listen to our instincts. Ignoring that discernment equals time wasted: "As entrepreneurs and business owners, we are wired to hear the inner voice, but we allow fear to take us out of the moment. We sabotage ourselves by sitting in jobs we hate and staying in relationships that don't work because we push aside the instinct that says 'get out.'" 

2. Channel negative feelings into positive momentum.  

Fearless people adopt an attitude of "life is working for me, not against me." She calls this type of leader "Lionhearted," someone who knows even when their gut instincts may not take them exactly where they want to go, they are still one step closer than before.

While living in California several years ago at a pinnacle point in her career, Roffer found herself struggling with exhaustion. Her business was at its height; she was working with major networks and technology companies, launching huge campaigns for television programming including the Olympics and the Oscars, Desperate Housewives, and South Park, buying their media, creating their ad campaigns, writing the copy, and putting together the social media. 

She recognized she was unfulfilled unable to spend the amount of time with her young daughter she desired. Instead of ignoring her gut instinct, which said "move to Santa Fe, you've got to stop this," she converted her thoughts into fuel. Roffer carefully carved out the pieces of her business that were no longer serving her. 

3.  Live out your personal calling. 

Today, Roffer is on retainer with Fox Networks and is their official storyteller, serving to unite their team as they embrace change: "It's been an amazing journey, but I had to break something to reinvent who I was going to be in the world and support my personal mission and why I am here." 

She is dedicated to empowering others and abides by her mission statement: "Fearlessly reaching your highest potential through change."

The groundwork to pursue excellence was laid by her father, who ran a small ad agency and raised her as a single dad. He believed successful brands were built on truths and big ideas. He taught her to "show up, over deliver, and do it with immense passion." He also was a strong example of how a single parent can successfully raise a child and impart values and skills that have made a lasting impact.

4. Think large, take chances, and "Go after Big Fish."

Roffer says you must "strike while the iron is hot." Within 24 hours after a meeting, business etiquette calls for sending a follow-up. Taking the initiative means you'll stand out when the competition lags behind.

"Like minnows, small companies are easy to catch in your net, but they produce little sustenance." Larger opportunities may take longer to "reel in," requiring persistence and perseverance, but when you do, "you'll eat for life."