"People can feel perfection."

Walt Disney used those words to explain to legendary Imagineer John Hench the importance of paying extraordinary attention to detail and exceeding Guests’ expectations.

Whether it involves the setting, a process, or an interaction with our Cast, we understand that the Guest experience is comprised of many touchpoints -; each of which must be "overmanaged" in order to be consistently outstanding. 

What Does Disney Mean by “Overmanage”?

It is not enough to simply determine how many rings it takes someone to answer the phone. What will they say when they answer, how will they say it, and do they have everything they need to assist the Guest? Then consider similar scenarios in the parking lot, a waiting area, or even on a website.

Every touchpoint must be given deliberate attention, then organized and planned in great detail, so that whenever and however a Guest interacts with our organization, the experience is excellent.   

This is overmanaging. 

Overmanage is a provocative word. We are not saying that we micromanage our people, which suggests an unhealthy level of control. At Disney, overmanaging is completely different, and its intent is much more positive:

  • We tend to think about things differently than others - and to a greater degree - in order to achieve Walt’s “perfection.”
  • We pay extraordinary attention to the details surrounding general business processes.
  • We strategically place emphasis that is both greater than and different from what would be typical in corporate best practices.

Our goal: be intentional where others are unintentional. Overmanaging the things most companies ignore or undermanage is what differentiates us.

As we share at Disney Institute, we go beyond the traditional service criteria to find new and innovative ways to make the experience memorable for our Guests. Why? Think about this if you are in business: the power of service lies in its ability to create an emotional connection rather than a purely rational connection - and emotional connections lead to repeat business, creating ambassadors for your brand. 

When has focusing on little details, or overmanaging a process or experience, made a difference for your organization?