At Disney Parks and Resorts, we pride ourselves on striving to offer experiences that not just meet, but exceed our Guests' expectations.

In fact, on our "Talking Point" blog, we recently wrote about how we pay close attention to the little things that enhance our Guests' experiences. In this post, we'll look specifically at some of those potentially overlooked details that enable our Cast to connect emotionally and build relationships with our Guests.

Why is this important? At Disney, we have seen that the power of service lies in its ability to create an emotional connection rather than one that's purely rational. Emotional connections lead to positive economic outcomes.

As we've taught countless business professionals over the years, creating emotional connections with customers is essential to delivering exceptional service experiences. Research suggests that organizations that have optimized this emotional connection have significantly outperformed competitors in sales growth and profitability. In fact, emotionally engaged customers tend to be:

  • At least three times more likely to recommend
  • Three times more likely to repurchase
  • Less likely to shop around
  • Much less price sensitive

In our parks and resorts, Cast Members employ a number of little "Disney differences" that delight our Guests. These small, individualized moments of magic can add up to an overall experience where each Guest can feel special. In fact, we want them to feel like the VIPs they are--very important people--and also that they are very individual people. Here are some examples of these personalized interactions:

Want to Trade?

Pin trading is an interactive experience where our Guests can trade Disney-themed pins with other Guests and with our Cast Members. Whether a Guest is new to pin trading or has an entire collection, this interaction allows them to connect with us one-on-one to talk about their favorite characters, movies, attractions or pin series.

I'm Celebrating!

Celebration buttons create a unique opportunity to connect with our Guests on an individual basis. Complimentary at our parks and resorts, celebration-specific buttons send visual cues to our Cast Members when a Guest is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, a family reunion or their first visit to our parks and resorts, and provide numerous chances for fun, spontaneous interactions.

Where Are You From?

Disney nametags continue to foster connections with our Guests. Beyond the approachable oval shape and the Cast Member's first name, they also display our hometown city and state. By conveying this little bit of extra personal information, it creates opportunities for conversation, such as, "Do you know so-and-so from my hometown?" or, "How often do you return home?" This friendly interaction can create an instant bond between Cast Members and Guests.

Creating personal interactions and building relationships with customers doesn't have to be difficult. Consider implementing little things like pins, buttons or personalized nametags in your own organization. Want to learn more? Consider enrolling in our Disney's Approach to Quality Service training course.

What little things can you implement now to connect emotionally and build relationships with your customers?


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