Momentum is an important state to reach for anyone aspiring for success. And the biggest enemy to momentum is procrastination.

We see this a lot in the creative community, and with music acts in particular. Yes, patience is a virtue, and waiting for that creative spark is sometimes necessary to the process. But many use it as an excuse to not move. And movement is necessary to get anywhere.

Everyone starts at the letter A and wants to eventually get to letter Z. But you can't just jump from A to Z. You need to see the end goal and jump letter to letter to rise to the top. The more you move from letter to letter, the more momentum you pick up, and the more support you get along the way.

For me, this moment happened when I produced the "300 Bars" track for The Game as he started his war with the then king of hip-hop, 50 Cent. At the time, I was still getting my feet wet in the music biz, having just moved to L.A. from my hometown in Minnesota. My ultimate goal was to be a media mogul and world renowned DJ--really, to take over the music business--but at the time I was just getting started in the industry working for Steve Rifkind (then CEO of Loud/SRC) and DJing on the side as my passion project.

That track took off. It set the summer of 2005 on fire, and generated no small degree of attention on me as a DJ & producer. I could have just sat on that success indefinitely, but I knew I'd only reached the next letter on the path to my goal. So I used the momentum gained from producing that track to expand and work with other artists like Snoop Dogg and a young rapper named K Dot, now better known as Kendrick Lamar. Then I made the jump into radio at KIIS-FM and Sirius XM. I'd built enough momentum by then to leave those companies behind and start my own network with Skee TV, Dash Radio, and more. The rest is history.

If I hadn't moved fast and rode the little wave of success I had to the next opportunity, I wouldn’t be here today. But I saw the crack in the door, and did everything I could to bust it open. Again, opportunities, especially in the music business, don't come around often. I waited my whole life for that moment, which came up out of nowhere. I knew waiting any further wasn't going to do much good. Luckily, I recognized it was my time to lay it all on the line and go for it.

Procrastination is your biggest enemy. If I got too caught up in that and basked in my success, it would have evaporated right in front of my eyes. If I hadn't recognized it, I wouldn't have been able to be more than a blip on the radar. If I had dwelled on figuring out what to do next, I would have been too slow to react and would have lost that momentum.

If you want something, just go out and get it. Remember: There is always someone behind you going for the same thing. Be patient, but be strategic. Don't overthink, overanalyze, or wait on other things to happen.

Attack problems head on and deal with them. They'll only get worse with time. The quicker you move around your hurdles, the sooner you’re back on track. In fact, you not only lift a huge burden of stress off your plate, but you also might learn a lesson or two for the future.

There's a reason why bodies in motion stay in motion. It's because successful, ambitious people want to be around others who are making things happen--not those who are sitting still. Momentum breeds momentum.

Momentum is real. One thing I have seen over in this business, and life in general, is that opportunities are few and far in between. When you get one, you must take advantage of it quickly before it disappears. One good break leads to another, which then leads to the next, which can take you to your ultimate goal.

The key is to keep moving.