If Donald Trump is hoping to get a vote from Amazon chief Jeff Bezos in November, he should be prepared for disappointment.

This week, the Trump Administration said five overseas Amazon markets in the UK, Germany, France, India, and Canada are now considered "notorious markets" because they sell counterfeit and pirated products. While the designation won't impact Amazon's standing those marketplaces, it's a black mark on the company and one it certainly doesn't like having.

In response, Amazon pulled no punches. The company told Business Insider that it sees the move as a "political act" and another example of the Trump Administration's "personal vendetta against Amazon."

It was the latest in a string of alleged attacks the Trump Administration has taken against Amazon. President Donald Trump has consistently sounded off on his issues with Jeff Bezos and his affiliation with the Washington Post. Most notably, the U.S. government awarded Microsoft and not Amazon a massive JEDI contract for cloud services. Amazon called the decision a political maneuver aimed at harming the company. 

It seems unlikely Amazon will be out of the woods with the Trump Administration anytime soon. Indeed, another four years of a Trump administration may be bad for Amazon's business. Perhaps that's why Amazon employee political donations are overwhelmingly given to Democratic candidates.