Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hasn't been at Apple for years. But that doesn't mean he doesn't still collect a salary from the company he created with Steve Jobs.

In a podcast interview with Guy Kawasaki this week, Wozniak said that he's the only person who has received a salary from Apple since the first week the company was open. But that doesn't mean he's making boatloads of cash from one of the world's most valuable companies. Quite the contrary, you might be surprised by how little Apple's co-founder makes in salary from Apple.

Woz nets just $50 in weekly salary, he told Kawasaki. That translates to about $2,500 in annual salary earnings from the company. 

Woz didn't say how much he makes per year from Apple in stock compensation and other benefits, but he told Kawasaki that the company still pays him a weekly salary to keep him on as an employee.

Woz was quick to note that his pay isn't really about pay; it's about being Apple's co-founder and getting a small amount each week to honor that.

"It's small, but it's out of loyalty, because what could I do that's more important in my life?" he said, according to CNET, which earlier reported on his pay. "Nobody's going to fire me. And I really do have strong feelings always for Apple."

That said, Woz hasn't always been an Apple cheerleader. He has, at times, criticized the company when it's made mistakes. For instance, he wasn't a big fan of the iPhone X when it was released, and although he later clarified his comments and said they were misconstrued to suggest he wanted Apple to break up, he has shared some concerns about Apple's size and power over the years.

Either way, it's hard to discount his importance to Apple's early success and his broader importance today to the technology industry. Indeed, he's earned his place as one of the most respected voices in technology. And he doesn't need a big salary to prove it.