The technology world is a funny place. One day you think a device is dead, or at least well on its way to being discontinued. The next, it's back with a whole new breath of fresh air.

That was on full display on Tuesday when Apple unveiled a new version of the iPod Touch. The new model, which costs $199, features a design similar to the old iPhone 7, but offers a new A10 Fusion chip and support for Group FaceTime.

If you did a double-take on that, don't feel bad. Yes, the iPod (not the iPhone) was refreshed on Tuesday.

And although the iPod and music players have become obsolete, there are some compelling reasons to actually buy one. And of course, there's one big reason not to buy an iPod Touch.

Buy Reason 1: A Great Price

Look, it's not easy to find an affordable Apple device. But the iPod Touch bucks that trend.

For a device that has full access to the App Store, works with Apple Music, and comes with a relatively nice (albeit, outdated) design, you only need to plunk down $199.

Try to find another Apple mobile device that comes with such an affordable price and value for it.

Buy Reason 2: Plenty of Apps

The iPod Touch runs Apple's latest version of Apple's mobile operating system iOS 12. That means the device can deliver the same exact mobile experience you'd get in the company's $999 iPhone XS or $1,099 iPhone XS Max.

It also means that if you buy an iPod Touch, you'll be able to run most of the apps available in Apple's App Store. There might be cases where the iPod Touch will buckle under the app's power requirements, but for the vast majority of apps, it'll work just fine.

Whether you want to use the iPod Touch as a fitness tracker, game player, or productivity tool, it can do it with help from third-party apps. And there's something to be said for that.

Buy Reason 3: The Power You Need

As discussed, the iPod Touch might not be able to work with every app you throw at it. But in most cases, it'll work just fine. And at that price, there's real value in that.

Like it or not, tech companies want to push you to the most powerful hardware on store shelves. After all, a higher price drives more revenue and in some cases, higher profitability. But the fact is, many lower-end devices can get the job done on the power front. And in those cases, you can save a few bucks by not opting for the more powerful and more expensive alternative.

Biggest Reason Not to Buy: iPhone

OK, so there's one big problem with buying the iPod Touch: in the vast majority of cases, it still makes no sense.

Yes, the iPod Touch comes with a nice design, plenty of apps, and solid power. But it also lacks phone support, and you'll still need an iPhone if you want to place calls. That means you'll be carrying two devices to access your apps, place calls, and listen to music.

So, if you're in the market for a new music player and don't need or want a phone, the iPod Touch seems like a good option. But for everyone else--which is most folks--the iPod Touch is a nonstarter.