It's not often that you can get cash from Apple to spend however you want, but the company is doing that now (and in a big way) with its new Mac Pro.

Apple started selling its new Mac Pro on Tuesday. It's the most expensive Mac ever released, and also the most powerful. If you bundle it with the top-of-the-line Intel Xeon W processor, 1.5TB of memory, and a $10,800 set of AMD graphics cards, among other high-end components, it won't take long for you to reach $50,000 and more for the new machine.

If that's not expensive enough, Apple is even charging $400 for the wheels you can attach to the machine to help you move it around, which makes sense since this setup costs as much as many cars.

But what about the cash?

If you're an Apple Card holder or buys the Mac Pro between now and the end of the year, Apple is offering a 6% Daily Cash offer. In other words, whatever you spend on the Mac Pro, Apple will give you 6% of it back in cash for you to spend however and wherever you want. You can also apply it to you Apple Card balance.

Given how expensive the Mac Pro is, that offer isn't so bad. If you spend $50,000 on a Mac Pro, for instance, you'll get a whopping $3,000 back from Apple. That's enough to not only get a Mac Pro, but also buy another computer (or a few iPhones) with free cash Apple is giving back to you. Oh, and you'll get a free year of Apple TV+!

If that sounds familiar, it's because Apple has one of the better cashback offers in the credit card market, if you shop at its stores and buy its products. Usually, the company gives you 3% back on anything you buy at Apple. The 6% offer is a limited time for the holiday season.

Regardless, it's not a bad deal if you're looking to spend a serious amount of cash on a new computer. Obviously, the new Mac Pro is designed for a very specific professional customer who needs all of the power a tech company can deliver inside a computer. But that company might also be trying to save a few bucks on what is an otherwise exorbitant purchase. A few Mac Pro purchases at a company can quickly start to add up -- and so do the savings.

Still, there are some serious hoops to jump through to get the savings, including needing to sign up for an Apple Card and spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, on a Mac Pro. But if you want Apple's computer and want to save a few bucks in the process, there are worse offers than Apple's 6% cash deal.