Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk told Joe Rogan in an interview posted on Thursday that more people should become entrepreneurs.

Speaking to Rogan on his popular The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Musk said that he believes "too many smart people go into finance and law" without considering entrepreneurship. He hopes that changes.

"We should have fewer people doing law and fewer people doing finance and more people making stuff," Musk said.

Musk, of course, is one of the top entrepreneurs in the world, so people listen when he speaks. In addition to his work with Tesla and SpaceX, which are full-time jobs in their own right, Musk is also overseeing an ambitious attempt to build faster travel with The Boring Company.

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Musk's comments are not unique, but they speak to his desire to see more talented people creating new businesses rather than focusing on providing services. And he said the problem appears to be an acutely American one.

"In the United States especially, there's an over allocation of talent in finance and law," he said.

Musk's appearance on Rogan's show was a decidedly less raucous affair than the last time the two sat down and talked in 2018. At that time, Musk smoked pot with Rogan, prompting criticism and hurting Tesla's stock price.

The fact that Musk comported himself better this time around comes as a surprise since he has become more erratic in recent weeks. He's called on an end to quarantines, said Tesla's stock price is too high (it subsequently fell), and said he was selling all of his homes.

In the Rogan interview, Musk didn't walk back those comments. On his living situation, in fact, Musk said that he's barely home and thinks others could enjoy his homes better than he could.