Black Friday is one of the biggest and most important shopping days of the year. And finding great deals is critical. A new study from WalletHub eschews focusing on just the deals for something as important (if not more so): which retailers are offering the best discounts.

There are undoubtedly great deals to be had at most retail outlets. But if you're someone who doesn't want to brave the traffic or you simply don't have the time to drive all over town to get one item here and another there, finding a retailer with great across the board discounts on a variety of products might be the best way to go.

Considering that, WalletHub on Wednesday released its results for the best average Black Friday discounts at each retailer. And if you're buying tech products, there are plenty of options, from companies as big as Walmart and Amazon to smaller and perhaps less-sought-after tech retailers, like JCPenney.

Still, here's a quick rundown of the top five best retailers for finding tech discounts on Black Friday, along with the average discounts they're offering on all of the tech products they're selling this Black Friday:

  1. You'll find the best consumer electronics deals at Fred Meyer, which is planning to offer an average discount on technology products of 52.3%. Wow.
  2. Belk landed in the second spot, according to WalletHub, with an average discount of 41.9% on consumer electronics goods this Black Friday.
  3. Interestingly, JCPenney found itself in the third spot, with an average discount of 47.4% on consumer electronics goods this year.
  4. Kohl's, another retailer that people don't often think about when buying consumer electronics goods, landed in the fourth spot with an average discount of 41.6%.
  5. Rounding out the top five was BJ's, which plans to offer an average discount of 38.9% on technology products this year.

Of course, a quick glimpse at the list might surprise you. There aren't any major tech retailers, like Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart on the list. And perhaps more than anything, you might be wondering what kinds of products you can get at these stores.

Truth be told, you won't necessarily find all the latest and greatest tech at the first four companies in the list. Still, you might find some deals on specialty tech products, like smart home appliances and other useful items. BJ's, meanwhile, is offering discounts on Black Friday on everything from an iPhone to your next television. So if you're looking for some deals, you might want to start there.

But what about the other tech retailers you know about?

According to WalletHub, Walmart's average discount on consumer electronics this Black Friday is 29%, which just tops the 28.2% average discount at Target and an average discount of 27.3% at Best Buy.

Notably, Amazon's average discount on tech products this Black Friday is 25.2% -- far below the industry average of 35.7%.

The WalletHub study accompanied a look at discounts at retailers selling goods in other sectors, as well. It found that the biggest average discount -- 48% -- will be available to jewelry shoppers. Computers and phones will have the smallest discount at 32%.