There are times when Elon Musk does something that makes you think it's a stroke of marketing genius. And driving around Los Angeles in a Cybertruck while media outlets snap pictures and video might just be one of them.

This weekend, Musk went to the popular sushi restaurant Nobu in his new, and soon to launch Cybertruck. Reporter Joel Franco captured a video of Musk leaving Nobu for TMZ. And as the Tesla chief executive sped off in what might be the most interesting looking pickup truck on the road, he ran over a sign.

It was a fitting ending and helped to answer some questions about Cybertruck. For one, it would appear that Musk's Cybertruck is street legal and despite a wildly different kind of design than other trucks.

Moreover, it also confirmed that at least right now, the Cybertruck really is one of the most interesting and decidedly cool-looking cars on the road. As Musk sped away in his company's latest creation, I have to admit that it looked far more compelling than a boxy pickup from Ford or Chevrolet making a getaway.

Why else write about it? Musk's move was a stroke of marketing genius.

Musk and Tesla have long championed that the company doesn't spend money on advertising to promote its vehicles. Instead, the company relies on its chief executive and the attention he gets.

Against that backdrop, Musk decided to take his newest vehicle on the roads of Los Angeles. He knew the move would be newsworthy and get attention, especially coming the week his defamation trial ended. And in turn, it likely drove an increase in orders for the Cybertruck. It also gave folks who are at least on the fence about whether to order the Cybertruck an opportunity to see it in action.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Musk driving Cybertruck around, however, is that it's not even close to launching. While customers can order it now with a fully refundable $100 deposit, Cybertruck production is delayed and likely won't start getting to customers until late 2021, at the earilest.

But in Tesla's world, it's good to be Elon Musk. Not only was he clearly at the front of the line for Cybertruck production, but he also found a way to snag one off the assembly line to drive it around Los Angeles.

So, if you're driving in LA and happen to see a Cybertruck on the road, call out for Elon. He's probably driving.