If you're in the market for an iPad, you might have just hit on the best time in a long time to get one.

Over the past several days, retailers have been dropping their prices on Apple's iPad. The 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi is on sale for $249 at Amazon right now. It typically retails for $329. And if you want to bump your iPad to the iPad Pro, you can get the 12.9-inch version with 64GB of storage and cellular connectivity for $999--a $150 savings off its regular retail price of $1,149.

Best Buy and other retailers have similarly cheap prices on Apple's tablet.

But a cheap price isn't the only reason to buy an iPad. The fact is, Apple iPads have been falling out of favor in recent years, largely because people are holding on to them longer. In response, retailers, hoping to get rid of iPads more quickly, have turned to sales to clear their store shelves.

The real reason to buy the iPad now has very little to do with its price and far more to do with WWDC 2019.

You see, at Apple's keynote this week, the company revealed the iPadOS, a new version of its iOS operating system that takes full advantage of the iPad's screen.

The problem with the iPad over the past several years has been that the same iOS version you find on your iPhone is also running on the iPad. So, in many respects, the operating system has been failing to take full advantage of the iPad's screen.

With iPadOS, Apple is fixing that. The software comes with a new, wider home screen for looking at app icons and widgets at the same time. Add that to the ability to use the iPad as a second screen with the Mac and the option to view the web in a desktop version of a site instead of the mobile version and the iPad is suddenly far more appealing.

At long last, the iPad is a true notebook replacement and not just a tablet.

So, perhaps that, combined with the more affordable pricing, is something you should consider if you're looking for a new way to be productive.

Apple's iPads are generally powerful devices with solid designs, and starting this fall with the launch of iPadOS, they will deliver far better software functionality. Add that to a more affordable price, thanks to retailer discounts, and perhaps now's the time to buy an iPad.