If there is anything you should know about high-paying jobs, it's that the tech industry seems to be the place to be. Better yet, there are plenty of jobs available.

In a new study released on Wednesday by Glassdoor, the company revealed its annual list of the best jobs of 2020. The study looks at both salary, as well as job satisfaction rates among employees, and how many job openings there are for each position. It provides a handy guide for people looking to make career moves. It's also a valuable tool for deciding how to make the most cash on a new job.

And not surprisingly, tech jobs are the way to go.

The top-paying tech job in the study went to Product Managers, who on average make $117,713 in their positions. Cloud engineers were a bit behind at $110,600. Data Scientists and DevOps Engineers both average about $107,000 in salary. 

If those positions aren't right for you, there are other high-paying tech jobs, according to Glassdoor. Front End Engineers, for instance, make more than $105,000 and Software Engineers average more than $105,000, too. At more than $102,000 in salary, Data Engineers are making a nice living, as well.

The study from Glassdoor was conducted on U.S.-based employees between the period of December 11, 2018 and December 10, 2019. The company used a five-point scale to analyze jobs based on their salaries, worker satisfaction, and job openings. C-suite positions and interns were excluded from the analysis.

Since the study centered on the best jobs, positions weren't ranked by salary. Instead, the best positions based on the above metrics were ranked. And seven tech jobs--Front End Engineer, Java Developer, Data Scientist, Product Manager, DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer, and Software Engineer--topped all others. Speech Language Pathologists, Strategy Managers, and Business Development Managers rounded out the top 10.

Best of all, there's no shortage of jobs available in the top positions. Indeed, the top-rated job, Front End Engineer, currently has 13,122 openings on Glassdoor, according to the company. There are more than 16,000 Java Developer jobs available and more than 50,000 Software Developer positions on the site. 

While the study aims at showing the value of all positions in different industries, it's clearly a good time to be a tech worker. And as time goes on, there's little indication that any of the most sought-after positions will really lose much steam.