Apple is about to change how you live your life in a very big way. And if you're unprepared for it, you had better get ready.

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors this week that Apple is planning to release a "completely wireless" iPhone model in 2021. That device, which will likely be the most expensive of any of the iPhones Apple launches that year, will be the first from the company to not have a single port--including one for charging the phone.

If true, that would mean you'd need to have a wireless charger to boost the iPhone's battery and a pair of wireless headphones to listen to music. If you'd want to connect your phone to an accessory, you'd need a wireless Bluetooth connection. The same goes for any other accessory that relies on your existing charging port.

As annoying as that might sound, don't be surprised when this is the norm. Apple has for years sent features from its devices into obsolescence. The company notoriously killed the CD-ROM in Macs and quickly moved away from all disk drives. Apple has also eliminated the headphone jack in its iPhones followed by the home button, and seems to firmly believe the future is wireless.

Still, the company has been forced to stick with a charging port in its phones because of power issues and, for quite some time, some unreliability in wireless chargers. But with wireless charging now becoming far more functional and affordable, Apple seems to believe now is the time to sunset all ports once and for all.

Some may believe that this might cause problems for Apple, but it's unlikely. When Apple cut other ports from its products in years past, sales remained strong. Even if people didn't like the move, the company stuck to it. And, before long, other companies followed suit. Samsung, for instance, is increasingly ditching headphone jacks in favor of wireless alternatives.

Of course, Apple hasn't confirmed Kuo's claim, so it's technically possible the company won't actually go all wireless anytime soon. But further inspection of its recent history suggests an all-wireless iPhone is probably coming. Apple doesn't like cords, and it likes having more control over the design experience. Ports affect that, and it's no wonder Apple wants to do away with them.

So, if you're someone who still clings to wired components, the time has come to stop. Start migrating to wireless headphones and wireless chargers. And, wherever possible, opt for devices that work wirelessly with iPhones.

Yes, it's annoying and, yes, it can be costly. But, like it or not, that's where Apple is headed. And even if you opted for Android alternatives, there's a good chance other smartphone makers will go there, as well.

The future is wireless. And you have Apple to thank for that.