Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died after a long struggle with Pancreatic cancer in 2011. But his legacy is still alive at Apple.

Speaking to Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the one big thing he still missees about his former boss. He also shared the one, key thing Jobs instilled at Apple that is still alive and well at the company.

In his discussion, Cook said he misses "the friendship" he had with Jobs more than anything since his former boss's death.

"I really think of the simple things he did," Cook said during the discussion. "Every day, he left the office before I did, but he would always stop by my office before and exchange notes on the day. It's the simple things like that, the friendship, that I hold. I remember him more than once rehearsing on this stage and sort of going way off script in a way that only he could do and making people laugh along the way."

Cook and Jobs had one of the more important relationships at Apple. Serving as Jobs's COO, Cook played an integral role in carrying out Jobs's decisions. He also helped to shape the supply chain that is now critical to Apple's success.

Soon after Jobs became relapsed, Cook stepped into the role of acting CEO. He was eventually appointed chief executive in 2011 when Jobs was no longer able to carry out those duties. Cook has since presided over record-breaking revenue and profits at Apple.

Still, Cook never fails to mention Jobs and how important he was in establishing Apple and creating what the company is today.

Indeed, during his interview with Benioff, Cook was quick to note that the co-founder's legacy and teachings still guide Apple.

When pressed on what Jobs' teachings still do at Apple, Cook said the legendary "think different" concept still plays a role at the company.

"Think different is still very deeply embedded in Apple," Cook said. "We don't want to play the game as it's been designed for decades or centuries, we want to play a new game."

Of course, some may debate that. Apple's recent iPhone releases have delivered few revolutionary improvements. Even the company's Apple Watch, iPad, and Macs have seen relatively minor improvements over the years.

But it may be the secretive products Apple is apparently working on that may matter most. Indeed, the company is still said to be working on self-driving car technology and with plans to release augmented reality glasses in the next few years, there's a chance that iPhones may eventually give way to wearables.

Until then, however, expect Cook to remain firmly in charge at Apple. And more than that, expect Steve Jobs's legacy to play an important role in the company's strategy--and success.