1.       266,000 Manufacturing Companies in the USA. Conventional wisdom is wrong that Manufacturing is a dying industry. It is an industry that spans the USA in rural, suburban and urban environments creating middle class jobs.

2.       $79,500+ is the average USA Manufacturing Wage including benefits ($25.19/hour without benefits!). These are great middle class jobs that you can support a family and send kids to college. This is the best poverty killing program in the USA.

3.       $94,000 is the average USA Manufacturing Wage for companies that export. Exporting is good for the USA manufacturing employee because there are more prospects to sell and the USA goods are embraced overseas.

4.       92+%  is the number of manufacturing companies that provide health care. These are jobs where rich benefits are offered to the employees.

5.       600,000+ jobs are unfilled because of the skills gap. Manufacturing is yearning to hire more talent to grow in the USA. Many job applicants are not eligible because they do not know simple math or can not write an email. Others have challenges with drugs. USA Manufacturing is stifled by this shortage (another conventional wisdom oversight).

6.       260,000+ of the manufacturing companies in the USA are small. Real small. Like the average USA Manufacturer has 10-15 employees. The Power Of Small Factories is critical to understanding our industry.

7.       Ninth Largest country in the world is the equivalent size of USA Manufacturing. We are an economic power house that generates jobs and taxes that makes our nation wealthier.

8.       $55,000,000 manufacturing trade surplus with free trade partners. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are wrong. Our trading agreements are performing nicely -  opening up new markets for us where we win. Marlin Steel exports wire baskets to 39 countries. We do much better with countries we have deals with like Canada and Mexico. We need them. They are great clients. We want more clients like them so we can hire more people.

9.       $579,000,000 manufacturing trade deficit with countries we have no deals. Again our populist politicians are misleading the USA public. We are getting killed where we do not have deals and where we have deals, the American manufacturing worker is enjoying big benefits and job opportunities. We do not have a trade deal with China and like the USA, Marlin ships a little but not much to China. We need deals done (like the Trans Pacific Partnership) to make a level playing field.

10.   75% of Research and Development in the USA is performed by USA Manufacturers. We crave new innovations so we can grow. We win by having the best performing products on the market and we have to devote huge investment dollars ($229 billion) every year to create ideas that our clients embrace to give them a reason to keep coming back. At Marlin Steel, 20% of our employees are degreed mechanical engineers solving other engineers material handling problems at factories throughout the world. That is our secret sauce. Our R&D spending is critical to keeping ahead of our global economic competitors and what differentiates our company from other cheaper commodity alternatives.