Marlin Steel is blessed to have more than 14 percent of its work force be veterans. Dedicated to our country to protect us from threats, we owe them thanks on this important day. They volunteered their lives to shelter us from evil.

Hiring a veteran, however,  is not just a patriotic act. It is a shrewd and profitable business strategy. Veterans contribute extraordinary talents that will grow your company and quickly add value.

Here are 10 reasons to hire a vet today:

1. Honest

During a tour of duty, honesty is a virtue that is embraced in the military. Miscreants are purged quickly. The military has sifted out the bad apples. The job applicants with honorable discharges are people you can count on to give you a straight answer.

2. Loyal

Veterans stopped their life because they were loyal to the USA and wanted to give back to our country for all the blessings she provides. This extraordinary spirit is rare and carries on in their working careers. Veterans do not job hop. They want to find a home and grow with an honorable company. They want a career.

3. Work Well Under Pressure

Marlin Steel has registered with the U.S. trademark office our mantra, "Quality Engineered Quick." One of the big reasons clients come to Marlin is because they need products quickly. Like yesterday. One of our vets, Brent, who led troops in battle during two tours in Iraq, was frequently under fire. Now he is back stateside, running our most expensive medium frequency welding robot cell with tight deadlines and challenging tolerances. Timely, custom wire basket deliveries will not give him stress compared with what he went through. You need a Brent in your life.

4. Team Players

Veterans are not lone wolves. They survived in the trenches and in basic training by counting on their team. Collaborating with their colleagues, they endured unreal deprivations. Mike, a West Point graduate, officer, and helicopter pilot veteran, has a nice easy way with his colleagues. Coordinating complex projects, he guides the team to success with a soft touch, because he knows how to motivate people.

5. Great Work Ethic

Josh served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he runs our CNC mill and several of our wire-forming robots. Dutiful, he keeps his head down and knocks out projects. He plows away without prompting our encouragement. He is a dream to manage, because he takes care of business and comes to us with problems.

6. Transparent

Veterans are candid. They call it like it is. They do not hold back punches. It is refreshing to have people that share problems with you and don't take it on the chin by covering things up.

7. Get 'Er Done

Vets are unique in that they were trained for years to take a hill as a goal and then they took the hill. When veterans are told the company needs to hit a certain target or goal, they execute with laser-minded focus. No excuses. They make it happen.

8. Planners

Veterans are methodical, process-driven people. They like order. They understand what they have to accomplish and then step by step hit their project goals. They embrace methodical planning so that they arrive at the destination on time the way it is supposed to go. In today's job market, purpose-driven team members are a rare commodity but common among vets.

9. Solid

Veterans are not flaky. Veterans do not provide drama. They've got the soft skills down pat. They show up for work. They are sober and serious about their mission. They come prepared and arrive early. This is very refreshing for any leadership team.

10. Huge Supply

Our men and women are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan now. Hundreds to thousands of talented vets are looking for work. They should rise to the top of your job-applicant pile.

Please do your patriotic duty and hire a vet. You will profit from it as well.