Fifty-nine percent of the Senate in a bipartisan fashion voted in favor of the XL Pipeline. It is time for President Obama to grow US Construction and Factory jobs and improve the environment by demanding the implementation of the XL Pipeline. Here are ten reasons why the President should support this important initiative:

1) Jobs
Tens of thousands of construction jobs will be created to build the pipeline covering the entire length of our country. Heavy construction jobs pay well and offer benefits. We should coddle these high paying jobs.

2) Help the Poor
If the USA is inundated in a surplus oil supply from our Canadian neighbors then the price of fuel will drop. Good. That makes it easier for poor Americans to commute to work and heat their homes. This will drive down freight costs so the widgets people buy will be cheaper. This will lead to more money for the poor.

3) Jobs, and More Jobs
Thousands of ripple effect jobs will be created by the construction of the pipeline. At Marlin Steel, we make heat treat baskets that will cure the fittings that will be utilized to make a productive pipeline. My company on the east coast will be running overtime and hiring unemployed steel workers in the inner city of Baltimore to keep up with this manufacturing boom to supply the pipeline workers. We will need high paying welder, robot set up operators and steel fabricators to meet the demand. We need more economic booms in the Inner City.

4) Safety
Transporting tar pit petroleum in trains and trucks is more dangerous (remember the horrific train disaster in Canada) than pipelines. Pipelines are stable and have no moving parts. 

5) Energy Independence
The USA, in concert with our Mexican and Canadian allies, is becoming energy self sufficient. This is a blessing because we are not beholden to people in foreign countries. We prefer to enrich our fellow Americans (and Canadians) rather than rely on foreign resources.

6) Good Neighbor Relations
Canada has been very patient with America. They have waited over 5 years to get this project off the ground (Empire State Building took less than a year). We do not want to cold shoulder our friends. We should have their back.

7) Canadians Will Sell It Anyway
If the Americans do not buy it, the Canadians will sell it to someone else--like China. The Canadians will not throw up their hands and let the vast resources sit under the ground. They will exploit it and sell it to someone else. May as well be to us.

8) Improve the Environment
When US refineries convert the thick crude petroleum to use petroleum products in Texas, US companies will process the feedstock. US companies are much cleaner and more efficient in making parts. More effluent is spewed from foreign plants. Save the environment, make it in the USA.

9) Improve the Environment
If the Keystone Pipeline is defeated, China will transport the tar pits fuel to China--across the Pacific Ocean. Fuel delivery in this way drives up the carbon foot print with all the transportation distances and the poor refining techniques in China.

10) Even More Jobs
The pipelines will carry the fuel to our refineries providing them a steady feedstock for decades. The refineries pay over $80,000 per employee. These jobs are solid middle class jobs that we need desperately to propel us to a healthy economy.