If you want to have a successful business career, it is critical you have a solid work and home life balance. Having a tranquil home life, leads to less stress and anxiety, which will personally enrich you and gird you for the ups and downs in the brutally competitive business world. Having an oasis of calm is critical.

My oldest son just started his first year at college. Boy time flies. I remember when I held him in my arms. Now he is taking a heavy course load, totally launched from his parent. You only live once. You want to do this right.

Here are ten ideas to improve the foundation of your life, your family. If this goes well, the business successes will be more likely to accumulate.

1. Turn off Your Phone When You Get Home
Compartmentalizing your life so that when you are at work, you are focused on business successes. When you are home, your attention should be geared to engaging in an engaging dialogue with your family. Don't be checking work emails and texts. All eyes on your great kids and your spouse.

2. Turn off the TV During Dinner Time
At dinner, minimize distractions so you can focus on what your kids/spouse are saying. Really listen. Ask questions. Engage them. Don't let the distraction of a tv take you away from deep engagement with your family.

3. Eat Dinner Together Every Night
Every night you come home, make sure you have a family dinner. This family ritual is a time for each of you to regroup and catch up. Share the big successes of the day and the short comings of the day. Kids and spouses are interested if you are concise. Make sure you ask them questions about their day. Be specific in your questions with your kids so you don't get "Nothing happened at School today."

4. Read a Book To Your Kids Each Night
Curling up with your kids and reading a book to them (when they are young) improves their interest in reading and their vocabulary. They are more likely to be inquisitive, thoughtful and will cherish this memory the rest of their lives.

5.Coach Your Kids Sports Team
I coached my son's soccer team for 15 seasons. It was a great way to spend some nice bonding time with my boy as he grew up. You can see them interact in their natural habitat. You can see which kids they socialize with are gems and which are duds. You have a good sense of what your child is like as you see them interact with their peers.

6.Attend Their Concerts/Games
Basketball games, band gigs, soccer games, baseball games, crew regattas are common weekend phenomena at our household. You can urge your kids on and console them when their team loses. You can explain that most teams lose and don't win the championship but you have to be resilient and dust yourself off to play hard again the next day. This is a rich source of material to discuss during your frequent family dinners (see #3 above).

7.Take Walks With Them
Or play hoops, fish with them or kick a soccer ball. Do something where there is an activity involved.. The light activity is a refreshing interlude from asking them to do their homework or chore lists. You are working in unison to help them grow their talents and making small talk. They will remember this the rest of their livs.

8.Walk or Drive Your Kids To School
Organize your schedule so you take your kids to school each morning so that you get them when they are fresh. You get a chance to "set the table" for the day. This is an opportune time to urge them on to have a great day and tell them how proud you are of them.

9.Take Your Spouse Out On "Dates"
Special time with your spouse is frequently extinguished with a busy business and kid schedule. Make time for your spouse. Go out to dinner once a week..... Just the two of you. Get out so you do not have to make a meal and clean up seven nights a week. Getting away just the two of you needs to measure and reflect on the hectic week.

10.Do Some Chores (men please read this one twice)
Studies show that the average man does not do their fair share of the unending household responsibilities. Even if you double your workload, you are probably not doing half the load. Take on another task that you did not do in the past to lighten the load for your partner. They will appreciate it and it will make for a more joyful home life.