Try out these top 10 eco-friendly gadgets right in time for summer (when, for the solar-powered variety, power is plentiful):

1. EcoReco: This innovative scooter is 100 percent battery powered and lets you go up to 500 miles on just $1. It's a look sleeker than the Segway, completely green compared to other types of scooters (besides those powered by your legs, of course--which are equally as green), and has no pollutants or emissions at all.

2. Sunny: It's always sunny in mobile readiness land. This is the first totally solar-powered case, currently designed for the iPhone 6 but with rumors of more makes and models coming soon. You can still contributor to this crowdsourcing campaign and be one of the first to get it.

3. iBamboo: Bamboo is already one of the most sustainable materials around, and now it's been turned into the ultimate foundation for your iPod or iPhone's portable speakers. There's no electricity needed, it's compatible with the iPhone models 4 and up, and has luxe to spare.

4. Goal Zero's Nomad 13: You're going into the wild, but you still need to power up. Ideal for long camping or hiking trips, it's a portable solar panel that can charge anything that need 13 or less watts. There are other panels, but they have fewer options. The size of an iPad, it comes with an internal battery but you can buy more for longer adventures.

5. Freeloader solar charger: Who knew a freeloader could be a great thing? This portable charger can power up any handheld device. Facing a longer trip? Mobile phones can be charged up to 44 hours and iPods for 18. It's the size of a small portable hard drive to slide into any bag or purse with ease.

6. The OfficePod: One of the biggest green gadgets on the market, this UK offering is just what it sounds like. It's fully customizable, about the size of a regular cubicle, and is made completely from recycled materials. Easily set up in a day, it's the affordable alternative to costly office spaces.

7. Vexia Econav 300 Series: This GPS with a green angle, this is the only satellite navigation device with Econav technology. It's designed for power efficiency, and promises over 19 percent more efficiency when navigating, ultimately saving you gas, energy consumption, and lightening your carbon footprint.

8. Gota Dishwasher: Save an incredible amount of water that's often wasted during traditional dishwashing processes. It steams during pre-wash, then gathers the vapors for washing. Not only is it a green alternative, but the steam process also results in cleaner plates and flatware.

9. Ultra Silencer Green: Available on Amazon, this in-home cleaner is created with 55 percent plastic and a motor that minimizes consumption up to 33 percent. It's also quieter than traditional vacuums, and has specialized wheel to keep floors protected.

10. Philips Econova TV: Completely made from recycled materials, when the Econova TV is turned off, it auto adjusts to zero wattage mode. Plus, the remote is solar powered--simply keep it on the windowsill and you'll never be shaking the remote to make it work again.

Green gadgets are often more affordable than you think and can save you a bundle in energy consumption down the road. Also, they're great for karma points. Green up your home by slowly replacing one gadget at a time until you're the poster child for sustainability meets geek chic.