When one of those activities is movie watching, a business owner may even feel guilty about not working. But what if those entrepreneurs could watch movies that actually help motivate and inspire their professional lives? Here are ten great movies that are not only entertaining, but have a strong business message attached.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Sales is an important part of building a business and The Wolf of Wall Street will help business owners become better at sales and motivate their teams to sell. One of the best lessons came after the film's release, in an article on its subject, Jordan Belfort.

Up in the Air

George Clooney's character in Up in the Air spends the entirety of the film fighting his boss's big idea: automating his job. In the end, the audience is in on the joke that humans bring something to a job that technology never can. The film is a lesson in listening to the employees working in the field before making big decisions.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This true-life story on a man's journey from homelessness to successful CEO serves as motivation to anyone who has ever had to overcome obstacles on the way to the top. Chris Gardner landed a coveted position through sheer resourcefulness, all while hiding the fact that he was penniless and living on the streets.

The Social Network

Like many of today's most successful tech business owners, Mark Zuckerberg's rise to the top was filled with twists and turns. The Social Network is a lesson on the importance of integrity and flexibility while building a business. It also reveals that when you're building a new business, it can help to have friends to help.

Jerry Maguire

After losing his job, Jerry Maguire struggles to start his own business while his former employer blocks him at every turn. He keeps going, even when it seems as though success is impossible. The fact that he had the courage to strike out on his own will be relatable to many small business owners.

Office Space

The workplace politics portrayed in Office Space are all too relatable to many employees. Managers can learn how not to motivate employees from Bill Lumbergh's many mistakes.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Like The Wolf of Wall Street, Glengarry Glen Ross is all about sales. The high-pressure environment depicted in the film serve as an extreme example of how competition can drive sales teams to succeed.

Wall Street

Wall Street serves as another lesson of what not to do when running a business. At its heart, Wall Street is about the way success can lead to greed, which can lead to destruction.

Flash of Genius

Robert Kearns spent more than a decade battling major auto manufacturers, who were found to have stolen his idea for the intermittent windshield wiper. Flash of Genius serves as a cautionary tale regarding patent law for businesses of all sizes.

It's a Wonderful Life

Many see It's a Wonderful Life as a must-see holiday tale about the importance of friends. But the real lesson could come from George Bailey's battle with the richest man in town, Henry F. Potter. By putting himself at Potter's mercy, Bailey found himself in a situation where he could have easily lost his entire business.

With the right film choice, entrepreneurs can turn movie night into productive time. These films are not only relatable but they're inspiring, as well. While watching, a small business owner will very likely find the motivation necessary to go after that big contract or take an innovative approach to product development.