You come up with a great idea, then shoot it down, thinking, "No one would ever buy that." But nobody could have ever anticipated concepts like the Hula Hoop or the Snuggie would turn into million-dollar businesses when they were first developed. You may be sitting on the next blockbuster idea because it doesn't fit a specific mold. Here are ten offbeat business concepts that are enjoying major success.


We now live in a selfie-obsessed world, but snapping a good photo of yourself can be challenging. Exofab is a smartphone case that provides the same protection as a regular case at a fraction of the price. Best of all, it adheres to glass, allowing you to position it and take a selfie without awkwardly extending your arm.

Finding deals on firearms can be difficult, with hundreds of websites to search through this could take hours. created a firearm marketplace where customers can compare gun deals from all over the country in one place. Gun enthusiasts no longer have to visit multiple websites or firearms dealers to find the best prices. This, "one-stop-shop" approach to firearm sales lets customers save time and money.

Kernel Encore Popcorn

Popcorn is delicious, but consumers are generally limited in selection. Kernel Encore Popcorn realizes popcorn can come in a variety of flavors, from champagne to hot wings and ranch. The company offers more than 230 different flavors, which can be purchased by the bag or in bulk. In addition to being a fun family treat, Kernel Encore Popcorn also offers gift tins to allow its gourmet popcorn to be given as gifts.


If you sign up with a particular web hosting provider, will your site be accessible 24/7? Until SiteGeek, professionals were forced to choose a host and hope for the best. SiteGeek monitors the web to provide ongoing information on approximately 40,000 websites. Because SiteGeek is an impartial party, users are always guaranteed honest reviews.

Whistle Activity Monitor

The success of Doggles, sunglasses for dogs, proved that there are few things customers won't do for their pets. Taking note of the popularity of wearable fitness trackers on humans, Whistle has created a wearable fitness tracker for man's best friend. Not only can you see how much activity Fido gets each day, you can monitor his sleeping and movement while you're away.

Wedding Wagon

Going to a church or wedding venue can be so time-consuming. Wedding Wagon strives to remove that inconvenience by bringing the wedding to Las Vegas couples. For just over $100, you'll be provided a witness, officiant, photographer, and filing of legal paperwork. Wedding Wagon also has a Las Vegas chapel if you don't mind leaving your hotel to get married.


Do you want farm-fresh eggs without having to take care of an entire farm? Rent-a-Chicken brings chickens and their accessories to your own back yard, including the coop, a chicken run, and food. They will drop off your chickens in the spring and pick them up in the fall.

Makey Makey

After exceeding its fundraising goal on Kickstarter by $543,106, this invention kit lets you turn anything around you into a tool to use a website. If a webpage features a keyboard, Makey Makey can be set up to turn bananas into keys. Play-Doh can be came a gamepad or a pencil can become your space bar, merely by hooking up a small gadget to the object.

J&D's Foods

In recent years, bacon has become a national obsession, flavoring milkshakes, chocolate, gumballs, and much more. J&D's Foods capitalizes on the trend by offering everything from bacon-flavored lip balm and sunscreen to bacon-flavored envelopes (called "Mmmvelopes"). If you want everything to taste like bacon, J&D's has bacon-flavored seasoning salts and spreads.


It likely wouldn't be most people's first choice for a business model, but DoodyCalls has seen big success with its pet waste removal service. Apartment complexes, neighborhoods, businesses, and individual consumers call DoodyCalls for help with their animal waste. DoodyCalls can also set up dog waste stations with waste bags and dispensers, as well as dog waste bins.

These businesses prove that no idea is too unusual to be successful. In fact, these products and services stand out because they are so unique. By setting the wheels in motion on your great oddball business idea, you may be more successful than you anticipate.