We all aspire to millionaire status but aren't always sure the direction and steps we need to take to get there. That's when we seek out millionaires to uncover their secrets and see if we can emulate them in our own lives. What's surprising is some of the trade secrets millionaires have for getting where they are today. It's true however that there is no specific way to becoming a millionaire. There isn't an exact formula when it comes to when we wake up or what career path will get us there. Everyone is different and that's what gives us our biggest opportunity. Check out these 10 weird ways that some millionaires have grown their businesses:

Sleep when you are dead.
Get on the field rather than staying on the sidelines.
Spend money to make money.
Only do what you love and leave what you hate.
Fail miserably at what you are doing.
Avoid any debt that doesn't earn you money.
Be modest in your personal life.
Meditate and reflect continually.
Read a lot.
Constantly delegate tasks to others for added leverage.