A lot of people would truly do nothing at all. A lot of people would sing (badly). There wouldn't be very many people signing on for mind-numbing admin jobs, fishing in Alaska (at least not once they figured out what it's really like), or cleaning septic tanks for a living. Boring jobs wouldn't have many workers at all.

Your definition of a "boring job" might be totally different than someone else's. However, if you're stuck in one, here are a dozen ways to be happy while doing it:

1. Focus on the positive

Affirmations are only cheesy if you want them to be. There are probably many benefits to your boring job, such as the paycheck, health coverage, or decent commute. While it's important to take steps to better your situation, it's equally important to focus on the good of where you are right now.

2. Get up and exercise

A boring job isn't going to get better with eye strain or muscle cramps. Every 20 minutes, take a break, rest your eyes, and consider a brisk walk (even if it's just around the office). Every three hours, make time for a 5-20 minute brief workout (there are plenty you can do in your office). Endorphins = happiness.

3. Spread happiness

The quickest way to happiness is to be a harbinger yourself. Smile, connect with colleagues or clients, and fake happiness until it becomes real. It's surprisingly simple.

4. Start the day right

Plenty of sleep, waking up naturally, and ensuring you're not rushed can make all the difference. When you arrive at your "boring job", you're bringing a good morning with you. Identify what makes you happy, then make room for it in the morning.

5. Stop counting down

Staring at the clock won't make time pass faster--and it might actually seem to slow it down. Remove clocks if possible, and try to focus on the tasks at hand. Pride in your work is a segue to happiness.

6. Plan healthy lunches

Some people at boring jobs spend the whole morning planning what they'll have for lunch--then they blow it on foods that are unhealthy, not nourishing, and will make them feel terrible. Lunch is an opportunity to make a choice that will impact your mood.

7. Identify (legal) entertainment

Your boss may not allow Facebook surfing at work, but what about music? Business-approved sites? Moving to that space by the window so you can soak up some vitamin D and watch the landscape change? Your boss wants you to be happy, so work together to make it happen.

8. Get a sun lamp

Particularly if you live in cloudy region, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can make a boring job even worse. A lack of vitamin D can lead to dangerous consequences, and office workers are especially at risk.

9. Stop complaining

While venting can be healthy at times, constantly complaining is going to make your default mood cranky and unhappy. How you speak about yourself and your circumstances can ultimately turn into your reality. Be wary of "bonding" with co-workers over mutual boredom at work.

10. Look at pictures of baby animals

Believe it or not, looking at photos of baby animals actually improves your mood (from a scientific standpoint). According to The Daily Mail, the power of cute is real, so bookmark CuteOverload or your other favorite animal site.

11. Get off social media

Even if social media browsing is allowed at work, it's not in your best interest. It'll just do one of two things: 1) Make you jealous of others who seemingly have a better job or 2) Encourage complaining and mutual "woe is me" venting your boss might discover. Instead of being on social media for countless hours, try picking up blogging. Users found blogging on Joomla to relieve stress and make people much happier.

12. Practice ergonomics

Poor posture, bad office furniture, and shoddy alignment can really wreak havoc on your happiness. Something as simple as tweaking how you sit can bolster your mood.

Most importantly, if you're truly unhappy with your job, start taking steps to changing it. Just don't do this at work--job hunting should be done on your own time (and it's something to look forward to after clocking out!).