In an era of crowdsourcing, it seems anyone can make money doing just about anything. Here are 15 unusual jobs that people do either as full-time work or as a supplement to their day jobs.

Competitive Eater

The job perks may sound lucrative, but competitive eaters often suffer from a variety of health issues, including ulcers and liver damage. This isn't a job for the weak of stomach.


Yes, people actually make a living posting videos on YouTube. In fact, numerous people have found a way to earn a living off the site.

Ghost Hunter

Unless you're Jason Hawes, monetizing this career can be tough. In fact, most paranormal investigators spend thousands of dollars pursuing a passion for spooky things.

Mystery Shopper

Companies pay everyday people to shop and dine at local businesses, then rate the experience. Pay is fairly low, often consisting of a small stipend plus free products.

Ethical Hacker

If you have a passion for programming, ethical hacking could be the job for you. Companies pay proficient hackers to find vulnerabilities in their systems.


Calligraphy makes an art out of the alphabet. Businesses need professional calligraphers to create impressive certificates and hand-lettered invitations.

Court Reporter

Court reporting is a lucrative, challenging career that requires education in stenography. You'll also need knowledge of basic legal terminology.

Professional Gambler

The growing popularity of professional poker has made more than a few millionaires out of everyday people. However, far more people lose more money than they ever make.

Professional Cuddler

In some cities, people pay big bucks to have someone simply cuddle with them for a period of time. Those cities need people willing to cuddle with strangers for pay.

Professional Sleeper

Believe it or not, there are numerous job opportunities for nappers, from research studies to hotels, where you can get paid to test out various mattresses and write about the experience.

Horse Exerciser

Horses need regular exercise to remain in good shape for races. Horse riders are only needed in certain states, though, and it's likely only a part-time position.

Aircraft Repossessor

When a driver doesn't pay his car payment, the dealer sends someone out to repossess it. The same thing goes for private airplanes. An airplane repossessor will need to be able to pilot a variety of airplanes, as well as take the risk of being caught legally stealing someone's plane.

Spray Tan Artist

Airbrush spray tans are more popular than ever. Armed with a spray gun and a shield, spray tan artists can either serve customers at a fixed location, or take it on the road.

Professional Chocolate Taster

As fun as this job sounds, you'll need a certain nutrition expertise to qualify. You'll also be expected to taste defective chocolate as well as delicious concoctions.

Fortune Cookie Writer

Fortune cookie factories pay freelance writers to come up with the fun fortunes that are read in Chinese restaurants around the country.

Whether you're looking for a new career or a part-time job, these interesting career choices could provide your life the spice it needs.

Published on: Oct 12, 2015
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