Entrepreneurship is stressful. However, physical workouts may be even more beneficial to the entrepreneur than to others. Exercise forces you off the couch or out of the office for some endorphin-inducing cardio and maybe a vitamin D dosage if you head outdoors.

However, there are a lot more physical activities than the basics at your fingertips. If you're an avid cyclist or runner, it's great that you've already found your stride. For other entrepreneurs who need something a little different for stress relief and well-being, check out these options:

1. Boxing

Boxing and entrepreneurs go together like elevators and pitches. You can envision the heavy bag is that investor that turned you down, plus the circuit-like training is excellent for quick fat loss as well as muscle building. Ideally, find a local gym that works with Golden Gloves and does the down and dirty training--big box gyms aren't where the real training takes place.

2. Tai Chi

I know what you're thinking: Isn't that what old people do in parks? Yes, that's a form of tai chi, but just like yoga, there are endless modifications. According to experts, it's actually one of the most difficult forms of East Asian martial arts and combines intense physical training with mental training (perfect for entrepreneurs).

3. Disc Golf

You're a killer at hitting your target when it comes to business goals, so why not extend that skill outdoors? Disc golf is actually nothing like regular golf. It's all about slinging a disc into a target and offers instant gratifications. It also requires mental stamina and is usually played outdoors (but you don't need any partners to participate). This means you'll get your vitamin D and breath of fresh air, too.

4. Urban Hiking

You don't need to live in an urban area for this recreational activity. Most people drive everywhere and rarely explore their surroundings. If you're a non-runner, bear in mind that fast paced walking (especially if you find some hills) provides some serious cardio burn, too. Plus, you might just discover something new in your own neighborhood, like a potential client or partner organization.

5. Target Shooting

Whether you prefer clay pigeons or choosing a particular paper design at a shooting range, learning to properly shoot requires mental stamina, concentration, and provides an instant feeling of power (which is helpful for entrepreneurs during tough periods). Plus, it's one of the best forms of self-defense.

6. Lifting Like Arnold

Weight lifting should be an integral part of every person's workout regimen. However, there are many ways to do it wrong, which can be dangerous. If you're a newbie or simply want a refresher course, sign up for a set amount of sessions with a trainer (around five) and then create your own regimen based on independent research and what you learned foundationally.


High intensity interval training is exactly what it sounds like: doing a high intensity activity (such as sprints) for a short amount of time, then moving on to another activity after a short rest period. There are endless options from army crawls to jumping jacks, and you can join a class or create your own HIIT schedule. Experts say that HIIT is one of the best options for fat loss.

8. Yoga

If you've tried yoga before and didn't like it, that's like saying you tried dating one person and it didn't work out. You need to find both the right style and the right instructor for you. Maybe it's aerial yoga, rock and roll yoga, hatha, or bootcamp. Commit to trying a new class or instructor each week to find your fit.

9. Dancing

Whether you took lessons for years as a kid or think you have two left feet, there's a style of dance out there for you. Plus, there's a social aspect that many entrepreneurs may crave after hours of working solo. Try salsa, swing, the waltz, line dancing, the fox trot, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

10. Fishing

If you don't think fishing is physical, you're not doing it right. It can be as physical and intense as you like, but can also provide the peaceful setting that entrepreneurs need. Solo or in a group, sign up for a fishing tour if the sport is new to you and see if the introduction makes a splash.

11. Pole Dancing

No, this isn't just for women--in fact, there are pole dancing classes just for men in some cities. Exotic dancing is incredibly challenging, but also very power inducing. It takes a lot of sheer strength to hold yourself up on a pole, and can be a welcome change from the long days of acting like a professional (but not that kind of professional).

12. Jumping Rope

This is a common activity in both boxing and HIIT, but it can also be done on its own. Just 10 minutes of jumping rope burns an astonishing amount of calories--perhaps the most of any physical activity. It's also fun and helps with balance and rhythm. For the entrepreneur with a tight schedule, it's one of the easiest activities to incorporate.

13. Intramural Team Sports

From cornhole leagues to dodgeball, you'll be surprised by how many PE-class-esque teams are out there. If you miss the days of getting recess, they've come back--with an adult social aspect, too. As an added bonus, many of these teams meet up for happy hour afterward, so you get a fun cool down after some much needed exercise.

14. Swimming

Swimming is one of the safest forms of physical activity, is very gentle on your joints, and also provides a killer workout. Most big box gyms have a pool with times set aside for lap swimming or just free swims. Take a swimming class if you need a refresher--or if you never learned to swim in the first place.

15. Roller Skating

Take a look around, and you'll find roller rinks are still in business. When's the last time you strapped on a pair of skates? It's almost like riding a bike, but set to music and without getting saddle sore. Alternatively, you can buy a pair and head to the park for some outdoor adventure.

No matter how you get physical, the important thing is to prioritize it. Entrepreneurs can get tunnel vision, and while that may be great for business in the beginning, it's easy to get out of that work-life balance. Just remember you don't "have" to do any particular activity. Find something fun and accessible to take care of the whole entrepreneur.