These teen entrepreneurs serve as inspiration for people of all ages, showing that hard work and ingenuity can lead to great things. Here are 20 teens who have gained serious notice in the business world.

Nick D'Aloisio, Summly

Like many other young entrepreneurs, D'Aloisio taught himself to code at a young age, then created Summly, which was acquired by Yahoo! after being named one of Apple's Best Apps of 2012.

Lizzie Marie Likness, Lizzie Marie Cuisine

This high school senior began her culinary business at the age of six by selling baked goods at a local farmer's market. Today she helps kids eat healthy by teaching cooking classes, appearing on national talk shows, and producing a new video series called Food on Film.

Erik Finman, Botangle

After a successful investment in Bitcoin using a gift from his grandmother, Finman used his earnings to found Botangle, a site that matches students with educators.

Isabella Rose Taylor, Designer

Having her clothing featured in Nordstrom was only the beginning for this 13-year-old. She went on to have her 2015 spring collection included in New York Fashion Week.

Bella Weems, Origami Owl

When Weems asked her parents for a car, they told her to earn it. The 15-year-old did that and more, founding a multimillion-dollar direct sales business.

Suman Mulumudi, Steth IO

Seeing the need for an update to the stethoscope, Seattle teen created a Bluetooth-enabled version that interacts with a doctor's smartphone.

Max Fata, The Erase Case

Max was only 15 when he founded The Erase Case, an iPhone case that emulates a white board. He's putting the money earned toward his college education.

Matthew Bridger, Whisper Media

A small startup dedicated to helping neighbors fix gadgets led to Whisper Media, a full-fledged branding, digital marketing, and web firm.

Madison Robinson, Fish Flops

Who better to design fashions for kids than someone who was recently a child herself? Robinson founded Fish Flops, a company that earned $100 million in sales by the time she was 15.

Ollie Forsyth, Ollie's Shop

Once bullied for being different, Forsyth turned his adversity into inspiration, founding a business called Ollie's Shop, an online shop that sells gifts for teens.

Alex Parker, Brand Strategix

Parker parlayed an internship into a position as head of internet marketing at a multimillion-dollar private jet management firm. He then founded his own internet marketing and web design firm, Brand Strategix.

Jordan Casey, Eventzy

This Irish teen launched his third company at the age of 14. Eventzy is still in its early stages but once it goes live, it will provide tools for event planners.

Shubham Banerjee, Braigo Labs

After reading a fundraising flyer about the blind, Banerjee was inspired to create an open-source braille printer. This led to the creation of Braigo Labs, which works on innovative alternatives to expensive products.

Moziah Bridges, Mo's Bows

This young bow tie innovator has shown off his fashions at the 2015 NBA draft, on NBC's Shark Tank, and at other events around the country.

Harvey Millington, Tax Disc Reminder

After hearing that British drivers were being fined for missing their car tax, this teen came up with a device that fits in the windshield of a car to remind residents when taxes are due.

Taylor Rosenthal, RecMed

With his first aid vending machines, Rosenthal hopes to make it easier for families to get access to first aid kits when they need them.

Rachel Zietz, Gladiator Lacrosse

Lacrosse has exploded in popularity in recent years and this teen athlete has created a way for players to practice in their own backyards.

Noa Mintz, Nannies by Noa

Finding babysitters is always a challenge for families. This New York teen founded a site that pairs families with highly-engaged nannies.

Zandra Azariah Cunningham, Zandra Beauty

When her father told her she couldn't buy more makeup because she used it too quickly, this young entrepreneur was inspired to create her own beauty and skincare.

Sarina Khemchandani, ReachAStudent

Khemchandani's mentorship site inspired Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak so much, he agreed to let her interview him recently.