Whether working from the company office, or remotely from home, we find ourselves spending a large part of our time sitting in a chair. Studies have pointed to the increased number of sedentary hours we are spending at our desks either work or surfing the Internet. The monotony of sitting all day without a lot of movement or creative stimulation is not only harming our health, but also our productivity.

OfficeDesk recently published this infographic on how our desks could be harming our health and emphasized the importance of turning those desks into something better for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Luckily, by adding some fun items to our office space, there's a chance we can turn our workspaces back into something that's good for us. Check out these 20 fun items designed to enhance where you work:

Chalk Calendar
: Erase and rewrite on each day of the week for a fun way to track your schedule each day. It also gives you a chance to doodle. Just remember to buy some different colors of chalk so you can color code each day!
Mustache Push Pins
: This is a silly way to tack up messages or reminder notices around your workspace. Maybe you even want to add one to pictures of friends to add to the funny factor.
Saddle Chair
: This chair improves your comfort and your blood flow for a healthy sitting experience. It comes in different sizes and models as well as colors so you can customize it to fit your office space.
Mini Succulent Magnet
: Maybe you don't have a lot of room for plants, or like me, are sadly lacking a green thumb. Worry no more! Consider this succulent plant that is in a magnetized plant pot. You can just stick it up somewhere in your office and enjoy the health benefits of green plants in your office.
Neon Clock of your dreams
: Add a modern clock to your office that really gives a shout out to the time and helps you keep an eye on the hours that roll by. It might even be big enough to notice when it's time to take those many breaks you need so you don't sit so long.
Standing Desks
: Where would we be without the insurgence of standing desks? These desks allow you to get up and jive during the workday, vastly improving circulation and energy throughout the day.
Magnetic Poetry
: Create a diversion from your work and stimulate the imagination with some fun magnetic words that you can put together to create phrases and poems.
Wall Desk
: Perhaps standing desks aren't your thing? Put your desk on the wall for maximum efficiency and a unique way to work and organize your desk supplies.
Surf Map
: Add an interesting wall map to your office that might represent your bucket list. This surf map offers numerous spots around the world that offer the best surfing. It's a great way to stay focused on special travel goals. This company also offers dive and ski maps.
Mini Zen Garden
: A personal favorite of mine, the Zen Garden is meant to bring a sense of calm to your day, so if you are feeling stressed at work, you can now work it out with this small desktop set.
Doodle Box
: Sometimes you just need to step away from work and do something creative. This box is full of fun supplies you can use to alleviate stress or just create a special picture on that really long conference call.
Foot Rest
: The Webble Foot Rest is a unique way to give your feet a leg up and allows your body to move in different ways, helping with blood flow while sitting for extended periods of time. It kind of feels like you have a skateboard under your desk and makes sitting there pretty fun!
LED Lava Volcano
: Sometimes, you do actually need a little drama at work so this explosive desktop volcano adds that on command. Instead of blowing your top from the stress, just set this volcano off to enjoy some mayhem in a safe way!
Mini USB Fridge
: Why go all the way across the office to be refreshed when you can just plug in this mini fridge at your desk and keep your drink nice and cool?
Stylish Keyboard
: You can add these wood adhesive pieces to your wireless keyboard to upgrade the sophistication level in your office space. It creates a sense of warmth and comfort to what might just be a utilitarian keyboard.
USB Mini Vacuum
: While vacuuming the house may never have been appealing, you could have some fun with this device that helps get rid of all the evidence that you ate at your desk, including crumbs from the desk and your computer.
Desktop Punching Bag
: For those days when you have had enough but don't want to take it out on anyone, you can knock this fun desktop accessory around.
Crayon Pen
: Remember the days of your youth when using crayons was a fun, relaxing activity? Now you can get ballpoint pens that look and feel like crayons so you have that same feeling again but yet are writing like a grownup!
Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker
: On those days when you could really use a unicorn and rainbow, you can make your own rainbow to add some cheer to your office space. It's even solar powered so you are going easy on the environment in your demand for rainbows to light up your world.
USB Dancing Water Speakers
: They say waterfalls are soothing and so is music, this office gadget can give you the best of both worlds. There are even LED lights that change color for a real show to break up your workday.
: During the winter it isn't always easiest to get out of bed to go work in an office. Brooklinen now has a fall throw blanket to get through those cold office days.
: In the office space you're always running around to different meetings and having to unplug your phone. With SWICH you're able to quickly grab your phone off it's charging pad to run to your next meetup.

Whether adding creative distractions to your desk or changing up that sitting to standing ratio, these office gadgets are sure to bring some fun into your workday. Let me know other gadgets you've used to lighten up your space in the comments below.

Published on: Dec 13, 2016
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