There are some incredible gifts out there suited for all budgets. Here are the top 27 for 2015 that are sure to make the entrepreneur, startup founder, or big dreamer in your life get down to business in 2016!

1. The Power Wallet: The wallet that's sleek, available in unisex designs, and acts just like a regular wallet has a secret--charging ports built in. You'll never forget your portable charger when it's tucked discreetly into your wallet.

2. Insteon Home Kit: Kits start at $100, and offer a variety of home automation options. Entrepreneurs need smart homes to boost those brainstorming sessions.

3. Philips Hue Lights: From strip lights to color ambiance lights, this system merges lights and music to give you the power to set the mood instantly in your home. It integrates with smart home devices so you can paint with light or decide exactly what lighting you want to wake up to.

4. NeatReceipts: This portable scanner lets you quickly scan, sort, and store receipts so that you'll never miss a tax write-off. It makes accounting easy, and hard copies a thing of the past.

5. Tablo: The DVR for HDTV antennas operates on Wi-Fi, allowing you to watch, record, or stream your favorite shows on HDTV. Can't get them on Hulu or Netflix? This is the answer.

6. Harmony Elite Remote: The advanced universal remote of the future is here! Both a hub and an app, it's the intuitive and smart home control.

7. Roku: Your streaming TV and media player has voice search, the largest streaming lineup available, and a bevy of products such as the Streaming Stick, Players, UHD Player, and even TVs!

8. Roomba: Want a robot to take care of big spills as well as daily maintenance of your floors? Roombas are perfect for carpets, hard surfaces, or both. With up to two hours of cleaning time, you'll never worry about dirty floors again.

9. Coin 2.0: In just one card, you can have access to multiple debit and credit cards. Keep your cards safer by carrying only one, which is easy to set up and lets you cherry pick how you'd like to pay with each transaction.

10. Nest Thermostat: The ultimate in smart home innovation, Nest Thermostat saves you money and keeps you comfortable year-round. It can tell your schedule and when you're home, and adjusts accordingly.

11. Apple Watch: For the Apple fanatic in your life, nothing trumps the latest innovation in smart watches. Keep your music, schedule, appointments, email, and life right on your wrist!

12. Navdy: This see-through projection display is the driving of the future. Display technology puts images (transparently) right onto your windshield as you drive. The tech helps you avoid becoming distracted, and you can customize if, when, and how displays appear.

13. ChargeHub: It's the universal charging station you've been waiting for. You can charge up to seven USB devices at once, from gaming devices to phones.

14. Tile: With this device, you'll never misplace your keys or wallet again. Simply use the Tile app to ring whatever you've tagged with the Tile tracker. The map will show you where the missing item was last spotted, saving you time and headaches.

15. Kevo: What do a deadbolt and Bluetooth have in common? Everything, thanks to Kevo. Simply touch the lock to open, and stay in charge of who has access to your home or office.

16. Fitbit: It's the favorite active watch, available in a number of models. Keep track of miles, paces, heart rate, and more. Entrepreneurs need to prioritize fitness, and it's much easier with the correct tool right on your wrist.

17. Traeger Smoker Grill: Wood fired grills are affordable, can be easily moved around the deck, and are a must for entertaining. If you can't get a VC on board with your signature BBQ, he's not the investor for you!

18. Gardena Digital Electronic Water Smart Flow Meter: Clients judge entrepreneurs on the curb appeal of their office. Save water (and face) by attaching this smart device to any regular garden hose to optimize watering, consumption, and landscaping efforts.

19. Breville Compact Smart Oven: Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and it's made easy with this mini version of the Smart Oven (perfect for offices). Individual heating elements ensure power is directed where it's most needed, with auto adjustments for perfect cooking.

20. GoPro Camera: People (clients and investors alike) are enjoying video over text more and more. For an affordable, fun, and lightweight way to make videos, nothing compares to GoPro.

21. Square: For smart debit or credit processing anywhere, pick up the latest version of Square, which works with virtually any mobile device. Get the stand for brick-and-mortar establishments, or, for those on the go, the chip or magstripe readers .

22. Kindle Voyage: The favored e-reader of the year offers the lightest touchscreen in Amazon history, impeccable resolution, and dedicated page-turn buttons (finally!).

23. APC SurgeArrest 3020J: Dubbed the best surge protector in the world by many users, it can handle 50-microsecond spikes in up to 600 volts during tests. You get plenty of outlets and the type of surge protection you need through any disaster.

24. Slim-Line Solar-Powered Calculator: When it comes to end of quarter accounting, that calculator on the laptop or smartphone won't do. Get the big kahuna that's solar powered, with large, touch-friendly keys, to get business taken care of swiftly.

25. Lifespan Treadmill Desk: By far the largest and costliest item on the list, if you really want to show an entrepreneur you care, this is the ultimate holiday gift. A slow and steady pace helps keep metabolism up, improve posture, and alleviate that 2 p.m. (or a.m.!) slump all entrepreneurs know too well.

26. Original Stitch Dress Shirt: Most of us buy shirts off the rack, but there's a better (and more creative) option. Original Stitch allows you to design your button down from more than 300 fabrics, buttons, and cuff and collar styles. Its Japanese factory cuts and creates your shirt only when you order it, and can be sized exactly to your measurements.

27. Ring Video Doorbell: Answering your door without being home is now a reality. Ring provides HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording to anyone that arrives on your property. This is great for the entrepreneur on the go who still wants to watch his home.

Right now is the perfect time to shop around, score the best bargains, and drum up a truly thoughtful gift for the entrepreneur in your life. What you gift her can make a huge impact on the year to come. Plus, every time she uses the gift, she'll think of you--and that might just be enough to get you in on the ground floor once her business takes off!

Published on: Nov 20, 2015
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