With each year, it seems there are more tech tools to help business owners, from improving productivity to facilitating communication. As 2017 begins, entrepreneurs face so many options, sometimes it can be difficult to narrow it down to just a few. This list of 30 top tech tools will help you quickly find a few new solutions.


SatisMeter lets you gather customer feedback on your products from your website or mobile app.

Adobe Portfolio

Creative service businesses shouldn't pass up the opportunity to reach clients through Adobe's new Portfolio tool.

App Data Room

Businesses with sales teams rely on presentations and App Data Room can help streamline the process.


Getting the word out can be much easier with the right help on your side. GuestPost helps you identify bloggers and marketing influencers specific to your industry.


If you're ever away from the office but still need to share documents, the Scanbot app is the perfect tool to have on your smartphone.


Keep your notifications organized from one central dashboard with Pushover.


If you have Gmail, Boomerang can help you schedule emails to coworkers and clients, as well as monitor what happens to those messages once they land in recipients' inboxes.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck helps you create professional presentations directly within a web browser.

Reputation Loop

Online reviews are essential to a business's growth. Reputation Loop collects feedback from customers and if that feedback is positive, the tool asks if they'd like to post it online.


Create professional-looking landing pages and conduct A/B testing to monitor results with Unbounce.

Quick and Easy FAQs

Create FAQs effortlessly in WordPress with the Quick and Easy FAQs plugin.


Monitoring online mentions is an essential part of maintaining a positive online reputation. Brand24 monitors and sends notifications when you're mentioned.

Agora Pulse

Maintaining multiple social media accounts can be impossible, but Agora Pulse makes it easier.


If you ship products to customers, 2017 may be the year to choose a shipping partner like Shyp to scale to reach more customers.


Curated lets you save content you see online and send it to your preloaded audience.


Whether you're sharing content on social media or your blog, images are crucial. Pablo helps you locate great images and overlay them with text.

Dundas BI

Business intelligence can help you make fully-informed decisions. Dundas BI makes the process easy, even for those who are tech challenged.


UberSuggest is a free keyword planner that promises keywords that aren't available in Google's Keyword Planner.


A competition can be a great way to generate excitement about your brand. Gleam helps you custom build giveaways for your website.


If you're ready to expand your CRM, Nimble may be a great investment. The tool gathers information from social media to create highly effective contact databases.


Stop paying graphic designers a fortune and instead use Canva to design eye-catching logos and graphics for your website and social media accounts.


Uberflip helps you manage all of your content from one place, making it easier to create more effective content marketing strategies.


It's important for growing businesses to gather contact information at every opportunity. Privy automates this process.


High-quality photos are essential to building an online presence. Enlight takes mobile photos to the next level.


If you use Instagram or Twitter as part of your marketing efforts, Crowdfire can help you improve your follower list.


Let customers and clients book appointments through Genbook, a cloud-based booking app.


Create business plans that get results with Enloop, a business plan creation tool.


If you find you often forget to include a call to action, Openr can automatically add one for you.


Empower your content marketing strategy by gathering insights and putting them to use with Scribble.


Even the smallest business can give the appearance of a full staff with a virtual phone system like Grasshopper.

With the right tools in place, 2017 can be the year you take your business to the next level. These tools are just a sampling of the many tools available to help make you more productive and to ensure your marketing efforts get results.