With Facebook users alone posting 75% more video content in 2015, it's not surprising that many digital agencies are finding themselves both creating and organizing large content (historically and otherwise) more than ever. Content of any kind has also become incredibly hard to keep track of, especially over multiple accounts with multiple voices and moving parts. As a result it's necessary to use the right software to keep things running in a way that doesn't just avoid mistakes but gives you back the only thing those big retainers can't buy; time.


Based in Los Angeles, Wiredrive is a collaboration, playback, storage and organization platform rolled into one. To an outsider it may seem like standard cloud storage would be enough, but imagine the scene; you're an agency with 10 clients, each with hundreds of videos. These videos could be ones you're currently working on, with multiple versions that you need to quickly view, comment upon and possibly share. Once they're done, you need to get them to the client. Wiredrive includes a rich tagging and organization system and a built-in transcoder, which in English means that you can quickly view just about any digital media format in one click. Importantly you can also share videos, branded correctly to your agency (or the brand in question) to clients in a few clicks, viewable in a web browser. This makes presenting a project to a prospect or client a matter of a few clicks, getting things approved faster and out the door quicker. Their clients include big agencies like AKQA, who just won Volvo as a huge new client.


Contently is jumping on the bandwagon of agencies and brands wanting to create great, original content that they can understand the true return on investment of. They help customers find great writers that will create content that's far from the empty-headed "we're the best" blogs you'll find on many corporate platforms, and like Wiredrive easily helps you manage what content is being created and for whom. They also have an internal network that optimizes your advertising and distribution so that your blog actually receives views in the most cost-efficient way. One of the largest issues in content creation is the "me-too" aspect of many companies, and Contently skips that barrier by being part of the entire chain of content management, through to analytics on each post. A custom roadmap might be something you can develop internally, but Contently can also create one to work through for you.


Surveys have become the bread and butter of the digital agency model, but are increasingly facing scrutiny for not being creative and useful for reporters and stakeholders to learn from. Survata, while providing a fairly robust Surveymonkey-like platform to build a survey, can find just about any kind of person you'll need (including very specific ones such as first-year lawyers, doctors or owners of specific devices) and actively consult on questions. Many companies will write the survey for you, but few offer an easy to use platform to ask the questions you really want to, offer consultation and can access the actual data source you need. The result is less "fluff" surveys that don't tell a real story for your clients.


While useful as a consumer tool, Checkthis has become more and more effective as a tool for agencies to quickly create quick play-by-play stories for Instagram and Tumblr. In a few taps you can create a rich photo story with captions, even those imported directly from your company or your client's Instagram page. These can then be posted directly to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter with a customized cover image that Checkthis creates automatically. Agencies looking to create fast, genuine content for their clients or their own company could really benefit from checking into Checkthis.