There are still some incredible events happening around the world, and 2014 is far from being over. Make time for business travel during the last quarter where you can soak up some networking, industry news and give yourself the edge you need to start 2015 off with a bang. There's only one question: Which one should you book first?

Here are five killer marketing conferences that can't be missed. It's where you'll brush up on your skills, learn some new ones, and maybe even win a prize or two. Choosing the right conference isn't just about the keynote speakers, breakout sessions and rubbing shoulders with the marketing elite. It's also about location, location, location--and these are all winners:

1. PubCon

What happens at PubCon stays at PubCon--which is a good thing since this epic event takes place in Las Vegas. Now in it's 15th year, it's happening October 7-8 and is touted as the "premier social media and optimization conference." You'll find thought leaders, industry giants and a slew of presentations offering the latest information and insider perspectives. For over a decade, it's dished up the best in SEO and online marketing with attendees hailing from more than 130 countries.

Passes are still available, but sell out is imminent.

2. The Incite Summit

If you can make it to The Incite Summit, you can make it anywhere--especially when there will be 18 CMO's at this year's conference. Slated to be held in New York, New York on November 12th and 13th, this is where over 250 brands gather to debate, inform and share information on all things marketing. The future of marketing and branding is the lead topic, and with topics like "Customers aren't Numbers" and "Disseminate Data and Insight" on deck, it's the only place to be before Thanksgiving (plus you can take advantage of that epic NYC holiday shopping, too).

3. Dallas Digital Summit

Want to get a break from that "winter wonderland" come December? Head to the Dallas Digital Summit in sunny, warm Texas on December 9th and 10th. Focused on content marketing, social innovation, startups, emerging tech, search, analytics and mobile (just for starters), it's touted as the biggest digital gathering in the entire region. This year's speakers include Rand Fishkin of Moz and Matt Wallaert of Bing just to name a few.

4. WOMMA Summit

Word of mouth marketing has always been a great tool--but dominating it in the digital era can come with curveballs. Enter the WOMMA Summit, held in glamorous Hollywood, California from November 17-19. Promising top agencies that are willing to spill the beans about their own campaigns, you can check out the "Powerful Content" session, "Beyond Social Media" or "Big Ideas" to get started. As an added bonus, you'll be just a short drive from the best of southern California from the beaches to Disneyland. Talk about mixing business with pleasure.

5. The Market Research Event

A conference in paradise? It's true--with The Market Research Event held in gorgeous Boca Raton, Florida from October 20-24, you can start off your winter in style (and a bathing suit). Now in its twelfth year, this mega event prioritizes online market research and is called the most comprehensive insights conference around the world by attendees. Learn about insights' business value and meet leaders in market research from around the world. Fortune 1000 companies will be in attendance alongside the most promising startups.

Whether you're passionate about shopper insights, media research, strategy or business intelligence, there's a conference for you. Is your ticket booked?

Published on: Oct 4, 2014
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