Atlanta, Georgia's known for many things, including being the headquarters of both CNN and Delta Airlines. However, they're also the location of SalesLoft, a powerful sales platform for anyone wanting to get more leads and develop real sales relationships. Their tools let people research contacts, learn about them and both email and call them right from their browser. You can organize an email and call flow with bumpers to make sure you're hitting your goals, sending customized sales pitches and automatically dial your next call. The company reports that their platform is growing 25% month over month in 2015, for over 250% of increased revenue, growing to 80 employees. All within a city that doesn't use the word "disrupt" forty times a minute. They also just introduced their Power Dialer, which works out when to call customers based on their timezone, their email response rates and other data from their CRM.

Big Ass Solutions

Lexington, Kentucky might not be the first on your mind when you think "big revenues," but Big Ass Solutions, providers of products like Big Ass Fans (essentially very large fans for corporate and residential solutions), reported over $165 million of revenue as of 2014 to Forbes. While the company may have a potentially offensive name (it's referring to donkeys), the company is well-loved for providing reliable, powerful fans that can be as small as a ceiling fan or as large as one that can cool a giant warehouse. They're doing so well that they've recently expanded 75,000 square feet, potentially to carry many "big ass fans" and a growing employee base.


While Chicago has a growing presence of startups, PointDrive has grown their revenues a remarkable 1000% year over year by providing impressively simple one-page sales presentations. By dragging and dropping various media into PointDrive's software, you can create in a few minutes a digestible, organized reason for someone to spend money on your product. That's why companies such as the fellow Chicago-based company @Properties achieved a 30% increase in sales using their software and renewed their contract for 1800 of their own sales agents.


Leawood, Kansas-based Blooom, while difficult to spell properly, helps consumers by automatically managing their 401ks to make sure that their futures are protected. Going up against established competitors such as the BlackRock-owned FutureAdvisor, WealthFront and Betterment, Blooom was named one of Fast Company's top 10 most innovative companies for offering low prices (anything under $20,000 is managed for free) in a simple, easy-to-use system. That's a big deal for a city that has less people in it (around 32,000) than Apple employees worldwide (over 45,000).


Bozeman, Montana has almost 40,000 people living in it, but it only took a few to found IgniteFeedback, a company that looks to compete with intrusive feedback surveys with custom landing pages, surveys and testing of customer feedback. This includes little surveys at the bottom right of your browser, out of the way of important information you want to view, as well as mobile-friendly services (unlike many ugly surveys that ruin your iPhone's browsing). The company also provides quick and easy to use A/B testing and feedback directly to your inbox and built the company on the back of one very blunt statement: "Most surveys suck." It's pretty hard to disagree with that.