There are projects that we just do not get excited about and try to push to the back burner for as long as possible. Small breaks in between our work hours can be stretched out every once in a while, and sending emails or following up with people can take a lot longer than is truly necessary.

Procrastination becomes a problem when it begins to affect your reputation, brand, and business. Your disorganization and lackadaisical personality starts to create a problem for your clients and organization.

Poor Communicator

By that I mean self-communicator. Great self communicators are able to motivate themselves and pushing themselves to work, even when it all seems challenging, boring, or tedious. Applying these same principles to business is important.

As a business owner you will experience challenges that will determine whether you are simply a wanna-be entrepreneur or truly have the entrepreneurial mindset. Your ability to speak your way through your challenges, allowing your passions, gifts, and commitments to motivate you to keep working is essential, and something that procrastinators, unfortunately, struggle with.

Unapologetically Late

I have yet to meet a person who has never been late in their life. There are times when your circumstances will not allow you to make it to your destination on time, that is understandable, however, chronic lateness is not.

But underestimating how much time each task at hand will take you, doesn't help, but such is the plight of the chronic procrastinator.

From attending meetings late, missing project deadlines, and more, you are hard to count on.

Setting Unclear and Unreachable Goals

How achievable are your goals, and are they clear and easy to understand/break down? Having unclear goals creates a personal barrier, it allows you to put off application, and in turn does not allow you to achieve your goals.


Procrastinators suffer from anxiety, especially when it comes to making decisions. Which project should be a priority? Should I start now? How long will it take me to complete this project? Will I be able to get through this?

It is a stressful way to live, and feeling anxious is side effect of being a procrastinator and sometimes even a cause.

The Never-Shrinking To do List

More time goes into producing and preparing your task list or to-do list. You might spend a lot of time organizing dates and details, but the problem is the list seems to grow and grow, but very few tasks are actually getting checked off.

There are ways to help to deal with chronic procrastination. In an article by Susan J. Letham for Success Consciousness with the title, The Procrastination Problem, Susan breaks down procrastination into two groups and discusses how to modify your behavior.

Procrastination has no quick fix, because it is a mindset, one that needs to be modified through understanding, practice, and many times, behavioral therapy.