As online freelancers have become more prevalent, businesses have grown more sophisticated in putting them to use. Companies may have a full staff of salaried employees, a mix of contract and salaried workers, or a full team of freelancers to complete projects and handle day-to-day operations.

In some cases, though, companies need workers who have specialized skills. On a full-time basis, those employees command a salary that is out of reach of many businesses' budgets. Freelancers give leaders the option of hiring someone to complete tasks on a short-term or as-needed basis, helping them accomplish their goals without committing to a large salary. Here are five services making the process of hiring specialized freelancers easier.

10x Management

More than half a million tech positions remain unfilled, according to recent studies, which creates an environment where businesses fight for a small talent pool in each geographic area. When a business needs specialized technology workers, that fight becomes a battle. 10x Management matches businesses with freelancers from its highly curated network of skilled technology specialists, including data scientists, designers, programmers, and security specialists.

10x claims to represent the best of the best - the top 1% of tech talent - who provide a more scalable solution, who get the job done right the first time, who are able to stick to schedules, and communicate at a very high level. Since 10x handles all of the vetting and interviewing, businesses can very quickly go from identifying a need for a specialist to working with one who is fully qualified to handle the task.


When ODesk merged with Elance to become Upwork, businesses benefited from a global network of freelancers. There are a variety of specialists on the site, but transcription is one that businesses have found to be particularly useful. Whether businesses have a recording of an interview or they simply need a video converted to text for SEO purposes, there are numerous affordable transcriptionists on the site. Healthcare companies can also use Upwork to search for medical transcriptionists, often at much more affordable rates than they'd pay a professional firm that specializes in providing that service. Upwork adds a 20 percent fee onto the first $500 of work with a new freelancer.


Nearly 77 percent of surveyed real estate firms are having a hard time finding, recruiting and hiring skilled talent...while continuing to elevate the importance of "getting the right people in the right spots at the right time." StealthForce works to free real estate employers from the burden of bloated payrolls and the risk of imprecise expertise by matching highly skilled professionals worldwide with employers seeking their talent on a project-basis.

The platform, launched in early 2016, works with real estate developers, REITs, lenders, family offices and multinational investment companies, as well as corporate real estate departments. It connects them with both junior and senior talent for anything from financial modeling to market studies to securities analysis or global strategy work. StealthForce earns a matching fee which is deducted from the consultant's compensation. Currently three quarters of the StealthForce network are moonlighting for nonconflicting remote gigs, and the rest are fully independent.


A business's sales team drives its income on a regular basis. Finding talented sales professionals can be challenging, however, especially with so much competition for top performers. YourSales has a network of more than 600 sales professionals across the world, each of whom have been through the company's specialized training. Freelancers are matched with clients based on their own unique talents and past product sales experience. The professionals in the network come with their own existing networks, which can also be matched to the needs of the business they'll be working with.


Graphic design firms charge excessive hourly fees for their work, but PeoplePerHour lets businesses find a talented artist who can create logos, banners, infographics, websites, and more. Businesses can choose freelancers from a list of those who provide fixed-price services or they can post a job and wait for proposals to start rolling in. Most designers can provide examples of previous work to help hirers make a fully-informed decision. If a business finds a freelancer that provides good work, that business can continue to hire the same freelancer for future projects.

By hiring freelancers, businesses can enjoy highly-skilled workers at affordable prices. With so many services available, it's easier than ever for companies to find someone who can capably handle anything they need, from coding in a specialized programming language to providing affordable transcription services.