Don't worry, you need to become a jack of all trades and learn these skills yourself. However, understanding why they're important, what they'll do for your business, and possibly finding the right professionals to use these tools is a necessity.

In a world of mobile readiness, where there are more Americans on mobile devices than desktop, keeping up with tech is no longer optional. It's a requirement. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you're already starting from the bottom. The right technology can rocket you to the top.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local SEO

SEO and Local SEO isn't something that can be neatly summed up in a listicle. At the most basic level, it's a set of best practices search engines like Google require in order to rank your web presence. When someone Googles "custom glass tables Tampa" and that's exactly what your Florida-based business does, you need to be on the first page of search results.

Good SEO takes constant updating, analyzing and testing. It's an evolving process and nobody but an SEO professional can handle it correctly. Make sure you budget it into your bottom line.

Responsive Design

Shockingly, the vast majority of small businesses don't have a website. Those who do probably don't have an optimal responsive design. Responsive design is just what it sounds like: A website designed to "respond" quickly, and attractively regardless of which platform or device someone is using. It might look great to you on your iPhone 6, but it might not appear as well on an ancient laptop.

Cloud Storage and Technology

It's much easier to start with cloud technology than adopt it. Startups are in a prime place to streamline their storage system. Depending on cloud tech allows for more flexibility and telecommuting options (a great perk to lure in the best employees), lower overhead since you don't need to store hard copies, and it is kinder to the environment.

It can even double as a PR effort since consumers will often seek out a green business--even if it means they're paying more.

Mobile Readiness

Mobile readiness can mean two things. It's having a mobile version of your website, having an app, or both. However, entrepreneurs need to keep in mind that not every business is a good match for these two approaches. Think about your target demographics and if they'd want these features--and if it's worth the cost. Apps, of course, are much more an "option" than a mobile version of a website. Sometimes responsive design is enough depending on your market.

Read more about mobile options to figure out what strategy is best for your company.

Social Media Management

There's a huge difference between a business "having a Facebook page" and genuine social media management. Just because someone has 1,000 friends on Facebook doesn't mean they're cut out to manage the business page of a startup. Hiring an SM manager with proven experience is what's going to make your social efforts worthwhile.

If these sound like costly endeavors, that is because they certainly can be. For entrepreneurs on a budget, start by comparing fees for freelancers and contractors. You probably don't need a full-time worker, and with a contractor you can customize your needs based on business growth and your budget constraints.