Managing a business can be challenging, with entrepreneurs often required to operate with limited staff in the early days. Technology can help, but there are so many tech tools available that business owners can get confused. Here are 6 CRM tools that can serve as your small-business toolkit in managing clients.


Gamification is a popular trend in businesses today, proving very useful in motivating team members to perform. REV uses suggestive analytics to provide in-depth, actionable insights into each team member's decisions while turning the numbers into a scoring system that drives competition and performance. A head-to-head comparison feature lets team members see how they stack up against others in the organization and calculate sales achievements with a real-time calculator. The tool also levels the playing field of the team members by allowing them to observe the actions of their peers, especially those who are in the lead.

For client management, Rev has a module that stores each client's profile, along with a detailed sales history, notes, and task manager for necessary actions. Team members can also pull a purchase trend analysis or forecast analysis, along with accessing an area within the tool for storing notes for miscellaneous comments.


If you spend much of your day switching between your CRM and your Gmail account, Rapportive can save you time and make you more effective. The app connects to your Gmail account to show in-depth information on each of your contacts. You'll be able to see your contact's LinkedIn profile picture, determine if that contact is nearby, and see detailed information from his LinkedIn profile.

Rapportive also uses a contact's LinkedIn profile to determine contacts you may have in common. This information could lead to an important introduction or simply allow you to forge a common bond with the people you communicate with every day.


InfusionSoft allows you to manage your contacts, including using segmentation to send targeted communications. With lead scoring, your team can focus its efforts on those who are most likely to become customers, upping your sales each month. Leads are scored automatically based on both demographics and the actions the potential clients take.

With the InfusionSoft sidebar for Outlook and Gmail, you can keep an eye on your leads, including your appointment history with each contact. In addition to seeing this information in your sidebar, you can also add notes and trigger follow-up activity.


Batchbook lets you import contact information from a variety of sources, including spreadsheets and vCard files. Once imported, you can create robust profiles for each contact, regularly updating them with personalized notes that enhance your communications. You can note a contact's birthday, children's names, or favorite food for future reference.

The software integrates with popular tools like Facebook, QuickBooks, MailChimp, and Eventbrite for easy import and export of contacts. The software comes with a free 30-day trial.


Punchh is designed for today's mobile-driven consumer, gathering insights on customers when they do things they enjoy. Customers gain rewards for activities like sharing reviews, referring friends, playing games, responding to surveys, placing an order, and more. The software uses the information to tell a business a little more about each customer.

The app also works with iBeacons, which reach out to customers when they're within a certain proximity to a business. This provides a great way for a business to win customers while also gathering information for its system.


As you try to build your business, you likely spend a great deal of effort on your email marketing campaigns. Yesware lets you know what happens after you hit send, delivering information on when the message was opened and whether it was opened on desktop or mobile. This information gives you in-depth insight into how your customers respond to your messages, allowing you to craft more effective campaigns in the future.

Yesware connects to either Gmail or Outlook for seamless integration. Once connected, you can make calls directly from your inbox, with calls logged to Salesforce automatically.

With so many options, businesses can easily find the software that meets its own unique needs. Many of these tools provide product tours and free trials, allowing you to try the interface to make sure it's the right option for your own unique needs. Once you have the right tools in place, you'll be able to efficiently manage all of your clients and never miss the opportunity to follow up on a lead again.

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