Technology contributes to unpredictable shifts in the market, competition, and growth goals. Enterprise sales managers must be able to constantly adjust their tactics accordingly. Already, large corporations have embraced agile sales management techniques to great success, including State Farm, Airbnb, Google, Microsoft, Bank of America, Xerox, Amazon, McKinsey, and many others.

However, big business isn't the only area where agile is thriving. Many small businesses and startups can benefit from adopting agile strategies. With an agile approach, sales teams can quickly respond to unpredictable events by monitoring their results and adjusting their approach. Sales teams are always absorbing direct feedback from the market and will always be more successful if they can proactively update messaging and strategy based on input from prospects.

One of the biggest reasons agile has been adopted by sales teams in recent years is the availability of new agile technologies. Here are some of the most popular enterprise-grade tools on the market today to help sales teams of all sizes become more agile. - Agile Outbound Email

Email is a vital part of sales. manages a business's communication workflow, integrating with each team member's Salesforce account and inbox. Each email is logged as part of the sales process, making it easy for team managers to track what needs to be done next.

In addition to email workflows, includes analytics that show exactly where their time can best be allocated with each prospect. If a lead need to be shifted to a different team member, the software makes this easy, shifting all tasks to the new employee to make things easier for sales managers. This saves time and effort, freeing up managers to focus on other activities

LeadGenius - Agile B2B Contact and Account Data

There are dozens of B2B data providers out there and, for the most part, they're all cut from the same cloth: they build a database and let businesses pick through their bargain bin of leads. The data can be one-dimensional, inaccurate, limited in volume or can even go bad quickly. Not very agile.

That's not LeadGenius. LeadGenius uses a unique combination of the most modern data science technology and skilled human researchers working in concert with each other on client-defined B2B marketing and sales data projects. Consistent volume, customized data points, and quality-assured information is just the beginning. LeadGenius helps companies like Square test and capture new verticals by adding agility to the company's entire go-to-market strategy.

Xactly - Agile Incentive Compensation

Commissions and bonuses are the best way to motivate sales teams to perform. Xactly makes managing this part of the sales process easy with built-in planning and implementation. Team managers can design their plan and set up commission calculations, then monitor everything in the app's dashboard. The end result is a transparent incentive compensation process that keeps sales professionals happy and makes managers' lives easier.

Clari - Agile Sales Operations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is essential to successful sales and marketing efforts moving forward. Clari puts AI to use in forecasting and advising sales teams on how they can be more effective in the work they're doing. This supports managers as they attempt to coach their team members by highlighting deals that need more attention. They can take that information and use it to provide one-on-one coaching to push those deals to the next step.

Prezi for Business - Agile Sales Decks

Prezi is known as a fun presentation tool, but it has recently become popular in the business environment. With Prezi, team managers can track how information is being shared on a daily basis. According to Prezi, compelling visuals are 43 percent more persuasive than those without. Although other presentation tools make it easy to create visually-compelling presentations, one thing that sets Prezi apart is that it helps users build powerful presentations through compelling storytelling, getting better results.

GaggleAmp - Agile Social Communication

A business's biggest marketing asset is its own employees, especially the sales team. With so many customers now turning to social media platforms to research companies, it's important to actively market through sites like Facebook and Twitter. GaggleAmp turns employees into marketing beacons, reminding them to share on a regular basis. Using this tool, managers can easily send reminders to an entire team, reminding them to remain active online. Business leaders can also use this tool to incentivize social sharing, which will capture the competitive spirit found within many sales teams.

Enterprises have already discovered the value of software in keeping sales strong and growing business. With so many top-quality tools now available at affordable monthly prices, even small businesses with one-person sales teams can boost their effectiveness. It's important to look into a variety of tools to find the best one for your own environment. The above list can help you get started.