However, procrastination and a bit too much dreaming is the downfall of many entrepreneur wannabes. Make 2015 the year you finally get started down the right path.

Follow WebMD's tips for making these resolutions stick, but start by designing challenging but still reachable goals. If you shoot too high in just 12 months, you might get discouraged and give up. Here are a few ideas to get started and make the coming year your best yet:

1. Draft a business plan

This task alone is what puts off many entrepreneurs from becoming business owners. It can be daunting, you don't know where to start, and if you don't enjoy writing it can seem like the college project form hell. Luckily for you, Entrepreneur has put together a great guide and your local Small Business Association chapter offers free help in person. This should be number one on your list before you start pursuing anything else.

2. Start saving like mad

Ideally, you're able to save six months to a full year's income before you start pursuing your project full time--and it should definitely be full-time. There's a reason the sharks on Shark Tank always ask if the entrepreneurs have any other jobs. If you're not giving your project 100 percent, it's much more likely to fail.

3. Practice frugality

At the same time as you're saving, start embracing new and better frugal habits. You can get some great tips from PopSugar as well as a plethora of other resources. Start by creating a budget, tracking your spending and income, and seeing where you can trim the fat. The vast majority of people could do better with scrimping and saving, and you're no exception.

4. Research your industry and future competition

So you want to start a vegan bakery. That's great, but do you know how this niche industry is doing, what kind of vegan bakeries currently exist where you'll set up shop, and what about shipping nationally? Passion will only get you so far, and you need to choose a business that's lucrative, stable and isn't overly saturated already.

5. Get the extra training or certification you need

If your future business plans require a special license, additional schooling or anything of that nature, make 2015 the year where you at least get that scratched off the list. It can be a fantastic thing to do while you're saving money and getting more frugal. You'll feel like you're working towards your ultimate goal (because you are), and this education will also give you a new perspective on your business to be.

6. Start researching money options

There are many ways to get capital, but you need to research them before you tap them. From bank loans to crowdfunding, asking family and friends to wooing angel investors, the sky's the limit. However, every investor wants to know you've done your homework before they get involved. If you can't be bothered to research, why should they be bothered to support you?

There are many things that need to be done before you start crafting job descriptions, shopping for commercial space or thinking of a business name. In fact, you need at least a year from square one in order to get in the right mindset and financial fitness to succeed as a business owner. Use this time wisely, don't get ahead of yourself and seek out mentors when possible. This is your time to train and, much like a boxer, if you don't put in the effort now it'll hurt you down the road.