Many employers are being harangued by workers who see their peers getting seemingly cushy telecommuting jobs and offered virtual office environments, and they naturally want to know while they're still stuck with a daily commute. There's a huge divide in the telecommuting vs. non-telecommuting debate, with the likes of Yahoo!'s CEO Marissa Mayer making headlines when she forced workers back to the office.

However, consider the plusses to offering telecommuting. It can be beneficial not just for your employees, but also for management and the business itself. There are still misconceptions about telecommuting, and some employers are afraid their employees won't work as hard, may even slack off seriously or otherwise not feel the camaraderie of the company.

These days, that's the exception--not the norm. Here are a few reasons telecommuting might just be better for your business:

1. Happy workers are more productive workers

There's no denying the scientific results: The happier your workers are, the more productive they'll be. Of course, obviously everyone would be happier if they were five a three-month sabbatical each year and showing up in pajamas to the office was encouraged. Stay reasonable, and if it's simple to offer telecommuting--and it makes employees happier--that positive snowball will grow to impact all parts of business.

2. You can offer lower pay

Many employees would happily accept lower wages in exchange for telecommuting. This can save some businesses a lot of money, but be careful: You still need to offer a fair wage. You also need to research what kind of perks are going to attract the best candidates, and telecommuting vs. wages aren't always on equal footing.

3. Attract better candidates

The more and better perks you offer, the more competitive your job posting will be. Telecommuting is a huge perk for many job seekers, and the best talent isn't going to go into an office if they don't have to. It might be all you need to scoop up the best employees.

4. Lower carbon footprints

From having employees commute each day to needing higher overhead (and more utility usage) in order to accommodate so many people, telecommuting can be a great way to go greener. You can tout this as PR, and enjoy free positive publicity simply from doing something that makes your employees happy.

5. Reduced monthly bills

When fewer employees are in the office, you probably don't need that huge office space anymore. Your utility bills and other bills (such as the delivered water) will also lower. This results in cost savings for you--sometimes substantially.

6. Easier cloud transition

Has your office gone paperless yet? Probably not 100 percent, and telecommuting demands a huge leap into the world of cloud storage and sharing. This is a good thing where you'll nix printing costs (including ink, paper and maintenance), streamline document editing and sharing so applicable people can access files from anywhere, and also increase security.

Look at telecommuting from every angle before making a decision. It might just be the boost your business needs to rocket into the mobile-ready world of today.