Sure, vacation time, paid holidays, flex time and telecommuting options every now and then top everyone's wish list but if your employees were given a genie in a bottle and could make limitless wishes, you might be surprised by what comes out on top. Even better, some of the things they want can actually benefit the business, too.

Here's a great example: Healthy (or healthier) vending machines. Prioritizing the well-being of your employees means every little bit helps. If you offer healthy snacks and beverages at a decent price, this not only makes your employees healthier but can also reduce costly lunches out. Here are a few more options to tempt new job candidates and keep existing employees happy:

1. Nearby childcare

There are many ways to make this happen. Depending on the size of your company, you could offer low cost or even free childcare on site. In some instances, you can even let your workers bring their child to work assuming it doesn't disturb other workers and their job description still gets fulfilled. Employees have families, so working around those needs is a huge perk.

2. Sabbaticals

After spending X amount of years at the same company, burnout is inevitable. A sabbatical (the usual is around three months), paid with guaranteed job security, doesn't just refresh employees but ensures they come back raring to go. Yes, it's a huge perk giving that many years to a company is a big deal. Respect it.

3. Fewer meetings

Many companies overbook meetings and waste precious time by not managing them well. Your employees shouldn't be going to more than one meeting per week. If you let them do their job, they'll be happier about it. Tying everyone up with red tape isn't helping matters.

4. A room with a view

It's often not feasible to give everyone a private office, but feeling like you work in a Vegas casino with no natural light is a buzzkill. Plus, natural light is necessary for optimistic thinking and generally making workers more productive. Choose environments carefully.

5. More virtual options

In many cases, companies are requiring workers to come in to a physical location when that isn't necessary, such as with social media management or bookkeeping. Unless an employee really does need to be physically present to do their work, why not test out virtual meetings, work from home or telecommuting part-time? You can even offer lower salaries to new employees as a trade off since many people would be happy to swap a lower salary for the joys of working from home.

6. Flex schedules

Regardless of virtual offices, having flex schedules can make life so much sweeter for your workers. Maybe they want to attend their kid's soccer game or they snagged last minute tickets to a concert that requires an early arrival. As long as they log the right hours and/or their work is done, be a little more forgiving with the timesheets.

Want to know what your employees desire most? Ask. Do it anonymously for the most truthful responses and get ready to be surprised.