A salesperson's job is no walk in the park - you hit roadblocks day in and day out. When deals are in limbo and prospects are missing in action, how can you get yourself unstuck? Here are 7 things you can do right now to get yourself back into the game.

1. Get the Blood Flowing.

"If you have one of those days, get up, pace around, get some energy. Do the superman pose, the victory pose, smile at the ceiling." - Max Altschuler.

When you're feeling unproductive, go for a walk, take your dogs out, get out in nature and you'll come up with all sorts of creative ideas.

2. Jump Into the Future

"Imagine yourself in the future, sitting down with your boss and explaining to them why you didn't win a deal. What would your future self say?" - Emmanuelle Skala.

If you you are at a loss, fast-forward into the future and look back. You are sure to get some insights about what you might be missing in the deal today.

3. Be Brutally Direct

"For the 5th follow-up email that you send, put "Did I lose you?" in the subject line. Your chances of a positive response are 88%." - John Barrows.

When traditional followups are going into the black hole and you feel you've hit the wall, don't throw in the towel quite yet. Instead, try this kind of brutal honesty and let it work its magic.

4. Think Outside of the Deal

"If you continue to ask your prospects - Where is my contract?? that's gonna get old really fast. Find something of interest to them, that will get them to respond in a safer way, and you'll get your update." - Matt Heinz.

Next time the prospect goes dark on you, don't keep reaching out and asking about the deal. Instead, talk about what gets them excited.

5. Set the Timer.

"I set the timer for 20 min, because I know that no matter how difficult something is, no matter how much I'm afraid of getting started, I can do anything for 20 min." - Chris Yeh.

If you're ever not sure what to do or having a hard time getting started, just set that timer and get going.

6. Show Up.

"I found that simply flying somewhere and sitting down with the person, talking to them live, really helps to move things along" - Brian Wong.

Don't waste your time diddle-daddling on the topic - show up and hash things out in person.

7. Delegate.

"Sometimes the best thing is to simply offload the task or the project to someone else - someone you trust." - Ari Meisel.

If you are completely clueless about what to do - delegate!

So here are your 7 tips from the best in the business. Add them to your toolbox, try one when you feel stuck and watch what happens.